Tesla Cybertruck deliveries finally start after major delays: How much do Tesla Cybertrucks cost?


How much do Tesla Cybertrucks cost?All you should know about Tesla Cybertruck deliveries finally starting after major delays and how much cost they incur.

It has taken a total time span of four years, and now the cybertrucks are here. The Tesla Cybertrucks will comprise various new features such as bulletproof doors, straight-line speed, towing abilities, etc. The Tesla Cybertruck will be priced at $60,990, which is 50% more than what was said in 2019. Let’s learn about Tesla’s Cybertruck, all about its cost, and more.

How much do Tesla Cybertrucks cost?

A delivery event was hosted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the company’s factory in Austin, Texas. The company has released all important details related to cybertrucks on its official website, and the cheapest cubertuck will be released in 2025.

The truck is made up of shiny stainless steel and is shaped into flat planes. Another fun fact was that Cybertruck was inspired by the 1977 James Bond movie.

The various variants for the body are priced between $60,990 and $99,000, and it is more utilitarian than a truck and drives faster than a sports car.

The cybertruck also has 320 estimated miles of range. The production of Tesla cars was supposed to begin in 2021, but it did not because of supply chain shortages and various complications that took place with manufacturing.

Another feat is that Tesla can make your Cybertruck black for an amount of $6,500, and other accessories for the Cybertruck are available on the website of Tesla. There have been other reviews on Cybertrucks stating that Tesla has been trying to create hype around its brand, and it is less about the sales of the product than the buzz that will surround it.


Tesla has a new process for ordering the Cybertruck, and those who wish to pre-order this truck must pay an amount of $250 on its official website.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, confirmed that there were $1 million in preorders for the cybertruck. A new power share vehicle technology has been made available to help cybertuck owners power their homes and appliances during a blackout.

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