How long is Rhea Ripley out for after her injury? Dominik Mysterio shares update after Nia Jax attack



Rhea Ripley suffered an injury after Nia Jax attacked her on the September 11 episode of Raw 

Nia Jax caused a lot of commotion last week on Raw after she attacked Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez on WWE Raw.

Rodriguez and Ripley were battling for the Women’s World Championship. Jax came out to attack Rodriguez and helped Ripley keep the title.

While this was a little unexpected, she ended up also attacking Ripley, and that was when the champion got injured.

Jax landed on top of Ripley and even gave the champion a few slaps. 

Dominik Mysterio came out on Raw today to take on Cody Rhodes. However, Ripley’s partner in WWE confirmed that the champion was not going to be on TV, and she had been injured and would not be on this week’s Raw.

However, Mysterio did confirm that Ripley would be back soon, which would come as some relief for the WWE universe.

Michael Cole then provided another update during the show where he confirmed that Ripley had suffered bruised ribs. Cole added that Rodriguez was also injured and had suffered whiplash after Jax’s attack. 

Nia Jax and Rhea Ripley
Nia Jax after injuring Rhea Ripley on Raw (WWE)

Nia Jax causing all sorts of problems on Raw

Jax has been called out previously for being unsafe in the ring, but the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion is a force in the division.

She was again in action on this week’s Raw and ended up attacking four women. Chelsea Green and Piper Niven took on Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark, but the match ended up being a disqualification.

Jax attacked Niven to cause the DQ and then took her time to attack the other three women. The former champion was released by WWE a couple of years back but she recently made her return and seems to become a regular member of the roster.

It is interesting to see WWE push her again, despite her history of injuring other WWE stars. WWE might see Jax as someone they can get behind for sure, and this could end up with her getting a title shot soon. 

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