With the digital currency revolution sweeping all aspects of modern finance, what impact will it have on the iGaming industry?

Thailand is a pretty forward country when it comes to keeping up with trends. The most current one it’s dealing with is cryptocurrency and its acceptance. It’s possible that the country will say goodbye to traditional payment methods and adopt cryptocurrency because of its perks.

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How Does Crypto Affect Thailand and the Online Gambling Industry 2

The iGaming industry is one of those industries that have to keep up with current trends. That’s why sites like  are around and offer players crypto payment methods. There are others that focus on one digital currency or several, but there’s no doubt about the fact that the iGaming industry is looking favorably in the world of crypto.

As mentioned before, the online gaming industry is kept afloat by following current trends. This means that the right trends make the world shake and it’s better to implement them. That’s why the industry went online in the first place. It got into this trend as early as the 90s and nowadays it has an established presence.

The next shift came about with the rise of mobile gaming. Phones became smart and they became gadgets that you could game on. iGaming providers and operators alike made sure to adapt to this trend by making their games accessible on mobile devices. Much like  and other casino sites, there are loads of mobile-friendly sites with games available today.

Finally, cryptocurrencies arrived. Back in the day, there were a few, but nowadays there are many. Still, there are casino sites that offer cryptocurrencies as payment methods. So, you’ll see various sites that make Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, and others available as deposit and withdrawal methods. This is not just done because certain digital currencies are popular, it’s done because they have a lot to offer.

The Perks of Cryptocurrencies

Both crypto users and online casinos have benefited from digital currencies. The thing about the iGaming industry is that it needs to offer safety and security to all the people looking to visit online casinos and sportsbooks. It does that with several security measures. The most popular one is SSL encryption because of its effectiveness.

Cryptocurrencies are an added layer of security for the players and bettors that decide to use them. There are several reasons for this. Each crypto user has an added layer of anonymity to them. The fact is that each user is anonymous when they are making transactions with these currencies.

Furthermore, they are the only ones that have access to their crypto assets. Another benefit that crypto users reap at casino sites is that they can enjoy fast transactions. This is something that not a lot of payment methods can offer nowadays. It’s evident why cryptocurrencies are here to stay in the world of iGaming.


Different countries have different approaches to the world of cryptocurrencies. The same can be said about different industries. Thailand has a certain view on crypto and how it can change the way Thai thinks of money. On the other hand, the iGaming industry has already accepted these digital assets.


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