How did Don Callis get his scar? AEW star suffered head injury after attack 



Don Callis has a huge scar on his head and he suffered the injury after an attack 

Don Callis is one of the most entertaining managers in the wrestling business. The Canadian has done a great job with Kenny Omega on AEW and now he is managing Konosuke Takeshita.

While that storyline has been gathering a lot of steam, Callis does have some wounds to show off from his AEW run.

Don Callis and Kenny Omega
Don Callis (r) with Kenny Omega (Don Callis Twitter)

The 59-year-old has a huge scar on his head which came thanks to an injury caused during a backstage segment.

He was attacked by Jon Moxley during the segment, and Callis actually fell onto a lighting rig where his head was split open.

The Canadian suffered a serious injury and was bleeding during the broadcast. It was later revealed that this was not a planned moment from the attack, and Callis was legitimately cut open due to falling on the rig.

Furthermore, the extent of the injury was revealed, which made for horrific reading. On Wrestling Observer Live (h/t Cageside Seats), Bryan Alvarez confirmed that the doctors could actually see Callis’ skull from the cut. 

“In taking the bump, Don was unaware that there was a lighting rig right behind him. And he went head-first into the lighting rig, and he got gashed open. It was described to me as looking like he was hit with a hatchet.

“Allegedly his doctor told him it was so deep you could see his skull. Bleeding everywhere. They took him to the hospital…he was there until 3 AM because it took them that long to put his head back together.”

Callis wasn’t out for long and he did make a return to AEW a few weeks later. He did turn on Moxley after returning and then joined forces with Takeshita. 

Why was Don Callis attacked by a fan? 

Don Callis was also attacked by a fan after AAA TripleMania XXXI: Tijuana. It seems his heel nature got to a fan as Callis and Takeshita were attacking Kenny Omega after the press conference.

A fan attacked the manager and Bryan Alvarez opened up on this too as he explained what took place (h/t Wrestling Inc):

“Everything was an angle up to that point, but then a fan who was apparently upset about what Don had said to Kenny jumped Don from behind, ripped his suit, concussed his eardrum, and busted open his mouth while he was trying to choke out Don from behind.” 

Callis was also, according to the report, upset with this attack, and rightly so. The Canadian also lashed out at the fan and shouted “profanities”.

The heel manager also suffered injuries to his ankle and neck, and was sent to San Diego for further medical treatment. 

Callis seems to have put this behind him and is doing a great job with Takeshita. The pair spoke about their latest target on this week’s Dynamite.

The pair want to target Kota Ibushi, and it will be interesting to see what happens next. 

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