House Flipper 2 Fairytale Update: Discover New Jobs, Items, and Contests!



The House Flipper 2 Fairytale update features new jobs, items and gameplay changes. 

House Flipper 2 is a simulation game where you build and upgrade houses. The new update for House Flipper 2 is out. Fairytale update is live and players can take part in new jobs and claim freebies. Gameplay changes, bug fixes and new jobs are the main additions to the House Flipper 2 Fairytale update.

Makers of House Flipper 2 launched the new Fairytale update with a trailer. Here’s everything included in the new update,

  • A new job has been added and it’s titled as “We found a lost child in the forest“ 
  • You can purchase a new house called the Fairytale after completing jobs
  • House Flipper 2 Story mode will include the Before and After features 
  • 190 new items are added to the Fairytale season
  • The loading screen of House Flipper 2 will feature tips
  • Flipper Tool comes with different screens for all game modes 
  • All new Jobs, Houses, Perks and Assemblies will be marked
  • 3 cut patterns are added 
  • Rough plaster” and “Sand faced plaster” will be new paint textures 
  • Players who complete all achievements will receive the Bessie’s Cup
  • Players will be able to attach Wagons on toy trains
  • The ability to pick the autosave frequency for the Sandbox Mode will be added to the settings menu
House Flipper 2 Fairytale
The House Flipper 2 Fairytale update

New Items in House Flipper 2 Fairytale Season

A total of 190 new items will be available for the new Fairytale update. Here are the best items,

  • An Assortment of Air Vents
  • A modular beehive can be used in the garden
  • 9 new patterns are added for furniture and wallpaper (cats!)
  • Players can pick shoes, bags and a cute straw hat to escape the heat
  • Mushroom tables and chairs are available 
  • New blankets and lovely picnic baskets are added
  • Mop, Broom and Ironing Board are all new cleaning accessories 
  • A shower without the shower cabin and shower drains to match
  • 3 premium hot tubs are added
  • Bookends, wall decor and a typewriter are all new Loft-style decorations
  • Players can use seed packets and wheelbarrow as new gardening tools
  • Tall cabinets with built-in ovens will be available in all new kitchen sets
  • Magnolia trees, ceiling fans and wall mailboxes can be unlocked
  • 15 new lamps with looks for Waxwing, Durham, Cressida and Kar
  • Sports accessories like earbuds, smartband and reusable water bottle are added

House Flipper 2 – Gameplay Changes & Fixes

  • Copying the style of a lamp will copy its light properties as well (brightness, temperature)
  • You can throw empty paint buckets into the trash bag
  • The Sleeping in beds perk lets you wake up on your preferred time(4 options)
  • You can sleep without the Sleeping in beds perk
  • Players can patch irregular holes on walls by selecting the whole hole
  • Hiding the HUD will disable highlights (keyboard only)
  • A visual upgrade is launched for fridge magnets (items)
  • The vacuum cleaner suction area is calibrated
  • The large paint roller will now mark a 3×3 area and previously it was 1×1
  • When you fully paint a selected area, it will be deselected
  • The way game brightness correction works is changed. The exposure has been  replaced with brightness and gamma
  • Experience cost flipper skills perks will be reduced 
  • Faster cleaning perk helps you complete cleaning quickly
  • [UI] Unified UI for elements where custom text can be entered
  • Fixed DLSS on Ultra settings
  • Fence placement mechanics are sorted
  • Items that cannot be edited will not display the edit options
  • [Architect] V button tooltip in Surface Finisher Tool takes into account key binding changes

These are the new changes, content and gameplay fixed for the House Flipper 2 Fairytale update. Flippers can take new jobs, unlock rewards and explore every content.

Who can Play House Flipper 2?

House Flipper 2, the simulation game is available for PC. Here, players have to build and decorate houses. The sandbox and assembly modes have simple objectives and you have to become a successful businessman as well.

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