Highest-Paid NBA Stars 


As you all probably know, Steph Curry surpassed King James to become the highest-paid basketball player in the world in the 2022/23 season. Do you know how much he makes a year? Can you name the top ten highest-paid superstars? Stay tuned and find the answers to these questions below in the article which has been made possible with the helps of the US sports experts at . Here is a little hint – The list starts and ends with Splash Brothers.

10 – Klay Thompson – $40,600,080

Klay has been struggling with injuries in the last couple of years and he is yet to find the form that earned him the superstar status alongside his splash brother Steph Curry. One of the best shooters in the league will make $40,600,080 this year. Can he help Curry in taking the Warriors to the playoffs this year, though? Golden State did bounce back after a wobbly start to the season and they are on the way to the strong second half of the season.  

9 – Paul George – $42,492,492

The next spot is reserved for four separate players who will make $42,492,492 this year. Paul George is looking to go on a deep run with LA Clippers alongside his partner in crime Kawhi Leonard. 

8 – Kawhi Leonard – $42,492,492

Next up is George’s teammate Kawhi who has been struggling a lot with injuries ever since winning the ring with Toronto Raptors. With healthy Leonard and George, the Clippers can be a threat on the West but, unfortunately, this has just not been the case quite often lately.

7 – Giannis Antetokounmpo – $42,492,492

Giannis has taken a big weight off his shoulders by taking the Bucks to the Championships two years ago. He is always a favorite to lead the team in the East and this year is by no means an exception. 

6 – Damian Lillard – $42,492,492

Dame’s love for Portland goes beyond imaginable as the superstar continues to dream of winning the ring at Moda Center. It will be almost impossible with the current roster, but Dame is certainly the man that keeps us as entertained as possible whenever he is in action. 

5 – Bradley Beal – $43,279,250

Whether Bradley Beal deserves a place on this list is probably up for debate. There are certainly bigger stars than him in the likes of Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler, Zach Lavine, etc. but Bradley has made a name in Washington. Beal is hoping to take the Wizards into the playoffs but he will have a mountain to climb attempting so given the quality present elsewhere in the East. 

4 – Kevin Durant – $44,119,845

KD continued to chase rings after an unpleasant campaign at the Nets. He made a move for Phoenix Suns, joining Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and DeAndre Ayton to form one of the strongest starting fives in the entire league. Will it be enough for the trophy at the end of the season? 

3 – LeBron James – $40,474,988

LeBron James is hoping for one more strong push for the title with the LA Lakers. He has been struggling with injuries this season but we believe he will be able to take the famous club to the playoffs at least. From there on, anything is possible. 

2 – Russell Westbrook – $47,063,478

While you can argue whether there is a place for Beal on this list, Russell Westbrook does not deserve to be the second-highest player in the game this year. Westbrook is way past his prime. It will be very interesting to see whether he will be able to find his old form at the Clippers now that he has made a move from their city rivals.  

1 – Stephen Curry – $48,070,014

Steph Curry has taken Golden State Warriors to another trophy last year. He has been one of the best players in the game in the last decade without a doubt and he deservedly carries this flattering title of being the highest-paid basketball player in the 2022/23 season.