Higan: Eruthyll Tier List – All Characters Ranked (March 2023)


Welcome to the tier list of Higan Eruthyll. Here you will find the best characters ranked in order to start your adventurous journey in this RPG game.

Higan Eruthyll is a newly released Anime style Gacha RPG game that has its closed beta version currently released in Singapore and Malaysia. You will be Commander of the Gopher Troupe, an organization formed to fight a threat for the real world who are known as Dream Eaters of Fantasyland. Fantasyland is a fictional world that appears when someone is sad, lonely, or desperate. If anyone Is going through sadness it will turn reality into Fantasyland. The Pre-registration for Higan Eruthyll has begun globally.

Higan Eruthyll Gameplay
Higan Eruthyll Gameplay

Higan Eruthyll Gameplay

All you have to do is enter this world filled with mysteries and save the people who are stuck inside with the monsters by fighting the monster. Higan Eruthyll seems to have a promising story with voiced cutscenes, 3D graphics, and a great background score.

In Higan Eruthyll you can even use Skill cards during battle to unleash special skills. You have to form a team of 4 members, who Hage specific roles Guardian, Hoplite, Assassin, Ranger, Caster, Adiutrix, and also different elements (Pyro > Anemo > Hydro > Pyro, Lumino – Umbra) using which you can make your own team fight different battles. You can unlock characters for free, Daily quests to improve your characters, PvP, Characters’ chapter story, and great rewards.

In Higan Eruthyll, the characters you use to engage in battle with opponents in both PvP and PvE modes are referred to as “Units.” Not all Higan Eruthyll are powerful thus you have to choose your characters wisely considering how the battle is and the one that suits your game. Some characters are powerful when combined with another character to create synergy or there are characters that are amazing for any game mode. Here is a list of all the characters that we have compiled for you to determine which ones are the best Characters for different gameplay in Higan Eruthyll.

Higan Eruthyll Gameplay
Higan Eruthyll Gameplay

Higan Eruthyll Tier List

S Tier Characters

  • Sirslet
  • Eluya
  • Gyldan
  • Screamer
  • Moetesju
  • Ceaser
  • Media
  • Liv
Gyldan Higan: Eruthyll Tier List

A Tier Characters

  • Kear
  • Fene
  • Ciamkom
  • Basell
  • Rita
  • Kloar
  • Follett
  • Black
  • Eupheria
Isa Higan: Eruthyll Tier List

B Tier Characters

  • Rooco
  • Asa
  • Nuno
  • Armand
  • Kueen
  • Hathor
  • Mireya
  • Isa
Hoplite Higan: Eruthyll Tier List

C Tier Characters

  • Ume
  • Codier
  • Cella
  • Mommel

These are all the characters ranked in order for Higan Eruthyll Tier List. You can always explore to find which suits your gameplay the best.

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