Hidden Riches: Where to Find Treasure Maps in Fortnite?

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Treasure maps in Fortnite hold some rare and precious items. Scroll down to find the best Treasure map locations and tips here.

Players in Fortnite explore maps to complete quests and unlock several rewards as well. Fortnite Treasure map is an amazing addition to the game’s features. Treasure Maps are legendary items and you can unlock various loot items and rewards. Treasure Maps don’t spawn in specific locations and this makes it harder for players to unlock these types of rewards.

Buried Treasure is a renowned Treasure map that grants you unlimited rewards. It spawns occasionally in random locations. You have to dig up the Buried Treasure from locations where they spawn using a weapon. These are kind of hidden loot that many players are not aware of.

Fortnite has plenty of hidden treasure chests and Treasure Maps are one among them that will offer premium rewards as well. Getting freebies in Fortnite is not that easy and you don’t get them often. Treasure Maps will be available during a season and it will be removed from the next. There’s no certainty over its availability. However, you can always look for one while exploring maps of Fortnite. Here is how you can find the hidden treasure maps and unlock rewards.

Fortnite Treasure Map Locations & Guide!

The problem with Fortnite hidden treasure maps is they only come to islands rarely. Here is how you can find treasure maps and loot rewards once they are revealed in the island,

Treasure maps or Buried Treasure items are available as chests, supply drops, supply chests, floor loot, and ground loot. You have to follow the dotted lines on the map and you can find the exact location after going closer. On your map, glowing golden markers will be shown and you can track locations easily. 

Once you spot a big black colored ‘X’ mark on the ground, there’s the  spot where you have to use your pickaxe and dig up. This reveals the chest from the underground. Interact with the chest and unlock your rewards as well.

That’s how you can find and grab Treasure map rewards in Fortnite. Earlier, Fortnite unleashed Drake’s map. Drake’s map allowed players to collect treasure map chest rewards as floor loot and ground loot.  But it hasn’t arrived since then.

Drake’s map is similar to the buried Treasure as well and here players followed orange colored dot lines. Be it Drake’s map or other treasure maps, you need to follow the dotted lines and dig up the areas where there’s also a glowing yellow colored light. Pickaxe is your best weapon to dig up treasure chests. The treasure map rewards include legendary items, legendary weapons, healing items and shields as well.

That’s everything you need to know about Fortnite treasure map locations and ways to unlock it. Explore locations and unlock loot items from treasure maps. You can fill your inventory with these free rewards in Fortnite

Is Fortnite Available for Android?

Yes, you can download and play Fortnite on Android from the Epic Games Website. There’s no direct way to download the game from Google Play Store as the team of Fortnite and Epic Games have prohibited it due to violation

Is Fortnite Free?

You can play Fortnite Battle Royale and Creative for free. While, Save the World follows a subscription pack.

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