Hannah Atkins: The Mysterious Girlfriend of Liverpool’s Star Trent Alexander-Arnold


Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool FC is an exceptional footballer with astounding abilities that have won him fans across England as well as at Anfield. An integral member of both national teams, and fan favourite among Anfield faithful. Trent Alexander is in relationship with Hannah Atkins but he prefers to keep details about her in private.

Trent Alexander-Arnold
Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent has enjoyed great success on the field, yet is very private about his personal life. Reportedly dating Hannah Atkins, they have managed to keep their relationship under wraps.

1. Hannah Atkins

Hannah Atkins and Liverpool full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold have been in a relationship for approximately one year and they seem content together. Hannah has been seen out and about with Trent on several occasions but has kept quiet about their romance; preferring instead to maintain her privacy by creating a private account on Instagram and making only occasional public appearances (to protect her private life). Hannah doesn’t divulge information regarding her parents, siblings or jobs – such details remain unknown at this time.

Sir Alex Ferguson notes in his autobiography that Trent’s first serious girlfriend was Doreen Carling who dated him while they lived in Cardonald, Glasgow in the late 1950s and eventually moved with them to New York and married each other.

Trent was born during the Year of the Tiger. According to Chinese Zodiac, individuals born during this year tend to be independent, self-reliant, and enjoy being on their own. They enjoy protecting and leading others while sometimes showing reckless tendencies.

2. Hannah Atkins Instagram

Hannah Atkins is a businesswoman and the girlfriend of football player Trent Alexander Arnold from Liverpool FC. She has made headlines many times on TikTok after being seen out and about with him. Hannah remains fairly private about her personal life; however, until recently managed to keep Alexander-Arnold a secret from media attention.

This couple was seen together dining at a Hale village restaurant this summer and also vacationing on Ibiza this year. Both appear happy together and may soon make it official with engagement announcements.

Alexander-Arnold’s career is flourishing rapidly and he looks set to become one of the top full backs worldwide. Already helping Liverpool win their league title and representing England at the World Cup, Alexander-Arnold is an inspiring figure who continues to delight fans of his club with his on-pitch talent.

3. Hannah Atkins Twitter

Hannah Atkins, an esteemed British model and influencer, is Trent Alexander-Arnold’s girlfriend. They have been seen together several times over recent years without ever officially confirming their romance – being photographed together in Ibiza this summer as well as having an enjoyable lunch date last year in Cheshire; according to sources they may have been dating since 2020.

Full NameTrent Alexander-Arnold
OccupationProfessional footballer for Liverpool FC
Career SuccessHighly regarded footballer with a strong fan base
Relationship StatusReportedly dating Hannah Atkins, keeping their relationship private
Hannah AtkinsBusinesswoman and model; private about her personal life; active on social media
Relationship DetailsTogether for approximately one year, seen in public but maintaining privacy
Chinese ZodiacBorn during the Year of the Tiger, often characterized as independent

Trent Alexander-Arnold has become an out-and-out footballing superstar at Liverpool, but his off-field life is equally captivating. Hannah Atkins, his partner since 2014 and an international model and social media influencer who keeps her personal life low key has also become well known despite not planning any marriage anytime soon.

Hannah Atkins prefers keeping her personal life low-profile, making the exact amount of wealth that she possesses unknown. However, estimates place it somewhere around $15 Million USD. Hannah Atkins is well known for her charitable giving as she supports many causes including educational costs for children and medical needs for young adults.

4. Hannah Atkins Instagram Story

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Hannah Atkins are a dedicated couple, working towards their respective goals together. While Trent’s football career is thriving, Hannah’s professional journey continues apace.

Liverpool star Steven Gerrard and his girlfriend have been seen out and about enjoying romantic getaways together, yet prefer keeping their personal lives private by not sharing any pictures or details about them publicly.

Although their relationship is still young, it has great promise. We are sure they will continue to become closer as they get to know one another better.

Hannah is an English beauty and businesswoman who has made headlines due to her relationship with football player Trent Alexander-Arnold. Hannah has gained considerable attention via TikTok influencer and TikTok influencer platforms for gaining significant followings on them; additionally she’s a popular fashion blogger often sharing outfits on Instagram; additionally they’ve even been seen wearing matching bikinis swimwear on holiday trips together!


Trent Alexander-Arnold and his low-profile girlfriend, Hannah Atkins, have been making headlines for their seemingly private yet strong relationship. While maintaining their privacy, this power couple continues to flourish in their respective careers and personal lives.