There were many rumours about the GTA remaster on the internet. Here is everything that you should know about the GTA Remastered version for the Nintendo Switch

Grand Theft Auto has been a fan favourite series for a long time. The latest release was GTA V and GTA Online. Fans have been waiting for some news about the future of the series from the developers of the game, Rockstar Studios.

Finally, the developers announced the remaster of the three best selling games of the series. Rockstar Studios has announced that the remastered games will be playable on multiple platforms including the portable Nintendo Switch.

GTA III gameplay
GTA III (Youtube)

GTA Mods taken down

There have been many rumours on Twitter and Reddit regarding the remaster of the games. These were at their peak when Rockstar Studios took down the fan-created mods of the three original games.

Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, used the DMCA to take down the mods of the classic games. They announced that the reason behind this takedown was that the remasters were in development. The mods of the classic PS2 games would interfere with the marketing and sales of the game. 

According to sources inside the studio, Rockstar is working on the remaster of the best selling GTA games.

The games that will be remastered are- Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. All of these games will be remastered using the modern graphics system. Rockstar Studios will be using Unreal Engine to remaster these games. The games will have a mix of the old and the new graphics.

gta san andreas gameplay
GTA San Andreas (Youtube)

According to some sources, the games look like some of the heavily modded GTA games which were available on the internet prior to the DMCA takedown. The games will retain their original feel. But they will be changing the UI to make it look more modern.

The game will have the same classic style so as to not alienate the fans of the original games. There has been no new information about the gameplay and the release date of the game.

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