GTA 5 tow trucks – Locations, Missions, Controls, and Cheats


The tow truck in GTA 5 can be really useful and here is the location, cheat, mission and controls for the same

Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013 but still is one of the most popular games today. The GTA series is a fan favourite franchise with GTA V the latest game in the Series. It is the most successful game in the series so far.

The events of the game take place in the fictional city called San Andreas. The visuals of the city are inspired by the San Francisco city in the United States. 

GTA V Tow Truck Mission

The players need to complete a tow truck mission in the GTA V game. The mission needs to be done to prepare for the Blitz Play in Grand Theft Auto V. It can be conducted by any of the three main protagonists:  Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, or Trevor Philips. 

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Tow Truck Mission Objectives

The objectives of the Tow Truck mission are pretty simple. The players have to steal the tow truck without detection from the auto repair shop on Elysian Island. There is a mechanic working on a car next to the tow truck.

The players can choose to ignore the mechanic or they can knock him out or kill him. Once you have stolen the truck, you must return it to the FIB warehouse in El Burro Heights. The mission ends once you have delivered the truck.

Tow Truck Mission Gold Medal objectives

These are the three criteria to get the gold medal in this mission. 

  • Time – Complete the mission in under 3 minutes
  • Not a Scratch – Deliver the Tow Truck with no damage.

You have to ensure that the truck is in perfect condition.

  • Truckin – Reach top speed in the Tow Truck.

This is the easiest achievement to get with Franklin’s ability. 

GTA V Tow Truck Location

Finding the Tow Truck in Grand Theft Auto V is pretty easy. Here is the list of locations where the GTA 5 Tow Truck is likely to spawn.

  • You can get a tow truck in the Towing mission
  •  A Tow truck is likely to be found at the Los Santos Customs garage nearby the Greenwich Parkway between Vespucci Beach and La Puerta
  • You can get a tow truck after purchasing the LSPD auto impound (as Franklin) 
  •  You can sometimes find the Tow Truck inside the barn on the left of Dignity Village on Mount Chiliad
  • There are chances that a tow truck will spawn next to the Zancudo River, on the highways, or at the side road at the end of Sandy Shores
  • A tow truck can also be spotted on the Highway 

GTA V Tow truck Cheats

There are many different cheat codes available in GTA V. They can be used as a shortcut to get the desired items without actually having to work for them. Unfortunately, there are no cheat codes for the Tow Truck in Grand Theft Auto V. They may be available in the future but right now the game simply doesn’t have them. 

You can find a tow truck is in the locations mentioned above. There are no cheats to get a tow truck in GTA V. 

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