Great American Bash Results and Grades: The main event of this WWE NXT special was Keith Lee facing off against Adam Cole in a Champion vs Champion clash.

Lee, the North American Champion and Cole, the NXT Champion, had the chance to become the first dual champion on the brand holding singles titles.

Mia Yim and Candice LeRae continued their rivalry
The Great American Bash Day 2 started with Mia Yim vs Candice LeRae (WWE)

While that was the main course, there were some other big clashes. The Great American Bash did deliver in the end and here are the results and grades.

LeRae vs Yim

Candice LeRae continued her rivalry with Mia Yim after she attacked the HBIC last week. This was going to be a street fight and Yim starting hitting her opponent right from the first second.

Tables, fires extinguishers and even food trays were used in a surprisingly tough affair. In the end, it was LeRae who got the win after a swinging neckbreaker on a pile of chairs.

LeRae beats Yim

Grade A

LeRae has been excellent ever since she turned into the Poison Pixie and both stars delivered. They were brilliant throughout and this was a fantastic way to get the show going.

Reed vs Nese

Bronson Reed had the size advantage against the Cruiserweight Tony Nese and dominated the early exchanges.

However, Nese tried a lot of different tactics to get Reed off his feet. Unfortunately, none of them worked and Reed picked up the win via a splash off the ropes.

Reed beats Nese

Grade B

It is great seeing Reed back in WWE and getting chances to impress. The Big man has looked great in recent weeks and it will be interesting to see what WWE do with him.

Gargano vs Scott

We had a funny promo where Robert Stone and Aliyah failed to recruit Shotzi Blackheart into their group.

Robert Stone again had to deal with humiliation on NXT
Shotzi Blackheart ran over Robert Stone’s leg (WWE)

Johnny Gargano vs Isaiah Swerve Scott was the next match on the Great American Bash card.

Gargano and Scott exchanged several blows throughout. It was Gargano who had the better of the early going while Scott came back later in the match.

However, it was Gargano that picked up the win and celebrated.

Gargano beats Scott

Grade B

This was another solid match between two great performers on NXT. Swerve deserves more time on TV while we all know that Gargano always puts on a great show.

Six-man tag match

Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza (Legado del Fantasma) took on the trio of Fandango, Tyler Breeze and Drake Maverick in a six-man tag match.

This was a great showing by all six men but it was Escobar who hit Maverick with the Phantom Driver for the win.

Legado del Fantasma wins

Grade B

This was a good match with the rivalry between Maverick and Escobar continuing. Breezango also had their moments while it is great to see Wilde and Mendoza getting minutes on TV too.

Garrett vs Martinez

Mercedes Martinez took control of the match against Santana Garrett right from the first minute. Garrett then made a comeback but that was not enough as Martinez picked up a quick and impressive win.

Martinez beats Garrett

Grade B

This match was done to showcase that Martinez is a tough cookie in the women’s division. It was a squash but Garrett still had a few moments where she did well.

The main event

Cole started off well as he kept the stronger Lee in check with some smart moves. However, the Limitless One came back roaring and kept hitting Cole to get the advantage.

Keith Lee created history on WWE NXT
Keith Lee holds the NXT title and the North American title (WWE)

Lee also scouted Cole well and had a counter move every time the NXT Champion tried to take control of the match.

The North American Champion even survived a few of Cole’s finishers before he got the win and created history.

Lee beats Cole

Grade A

The match was excellent as both stars showed off what they could do. Lee picking up the titles is interesting while questions will be asked of what is next for Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era?

WWE ratings and TV viewership

NXT got the better of AEW in the ratings war for another week. The Great American Bash defeated Fyter Fest as WWE recorded 759,000 average viewers while AEW got just 715,000.

However, WWE’s Bash was 24th in the crucial 18-49 demography while AEW’s Fyter Fest ranked 7th in the same demography.

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