Goddess of Victory Nikke Frima Guide – Best Build



Uncover the best skills for Goddess of Victory Nikke Frima from our guide. Also, you can find the best team comps for the SSR supporter.

Goddess of Victory Nikke is an immersive sci-fi roleplaying game. In this fast-paced shooter game, you play as Maidens in a magical world. A group of young girls play together to save the universe from the Rapture Faction. After completing tutorial quests, you can summon the strongest Nikkes to your party.

Four-star and Five-star Nikkes are recommended for better results in combat. Nikkes remain as the last hope and savior for the Earth. With the best skills and magic, you have to join forces with Nikkes and eliminate the dark force, Rapture. There are many SSR Nikkes in the game. To improve your chances of winning, you have to unleash a powerful party that has all types of Nikkes.

You can summon an Attacker, Debuffer, Healer or Supporter. Supporting units will aid other Nikkes throughout the combat. In Nikke, Frima is a top-class support who can be a versatile unit as well. Frima is an excellent Support option with high HP and Def. With the best skills from her kit, you can boost Frima’s atk as well. Here are the best skills and abilities that will form a powerful build for Frima in Nikke.

Goddess of Victory Nikke Frima Build – All Skills

Goddess of Victory Nikke Frima

Frima hails from the Tetra Line Faction. She’s strongly seen as the best threat to the mechanical creatures,  Raptures. Frima is an SSR Support Nikke. Here are the best abilities for Frima in the Goddess of Victory Nikke,

  • I Want to Sleep – The Passive skill increases Frima’s attacks. It will grant damage boost after Frima launches 4 attacks. This skill also reduces the defense for enemies.
  • Ah – The secondary Passive Skill will be activated once you attack with full charge. The skill affects all targets and inflicts heavy damage. This skill also increases HP for Frima’s allies for 5 seconds
  • Vexation – Vexation launches attacks on 10 targets that have the highest Def rate. It deals 67% of final atk as damage and reduces the defense for enemies. Max HP for allies will also increase for 4 seconds
  • Basic Attack – This increases Ammo and Damage Burst for Frima. It grants additional charge damage. The skill also deals normal atk as damage.

These are the primary skills for the Goddess of Victory Nikke. Apart from these, you can utilize other abilities from her kit to increase her Crit and Charged attacks. Frima uses Rifles like AR and Sniper Rifles. Frima has only limited skills right now. With more updates, you can unlock all skills for this SSR nikke.

Best Team Comps for Goddess of Victory Nikke Frima

Goddess of victory Nikke frima

Frima is a support unit. So, you can pair her with attackers and sub-dps. The best Nikkes for Frima are Julia, Anis, Snow White, Rapi,  and Modernia.

  • Julia – Julia is a sensational attacker. She’s a powerful passive skill that will boost her base atk and def
  • Snow White – Snow White is the best option for PvP. Her active skill uses atk and deals heavy damage. Snow White uses an explosive assault rifle and will be a great combination with Frima

That’s everything you need to know about getting the best build for the Goddess of Victory Nikke Frima. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

Is Burst Skill required in Goddess of Victory Nikke?

Burst Skills are highly recommended for your Nikkes. As combat and characters’ skills in the Goddess of Victory Nikke are based on Burst levels, you can use these skills. Some burst skills are available as active skills for Nikkes. Along with passive skills, you can utilize these burst skills as well.

Is Goddess of Victory Nikke Launching for Nintendo Switch?

No, Goddess of Victory Nikke is only launched for mobile and PC. Nikke is not coming to Nintendo Switch and there’s no news regarding the same right now.

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