What’s the SWTOR Cartel Market and Acolyte collaboration? Can you purchase Acolyte items in SWTOR? Find out everything.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG where players join a Faction and fight against enemies. There are many Star Wars series and the next TV series from the franchise is ready for its launch. Star Wars: The Acolyte is an American sci-fi TV series and it will premiere soon on Disney+.

Before the release of the Acolyte, makers of Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) have decided to collaborate with Lucasfilm Games and launch exclusive Acolyte items in the game. Players can purchase SWTOR items from the in-game Cartel Market store once the next update goes live. Here’s all about SWTOR Cartel Market, Acolyte items and more.

SWTOR Cartel Market x Acolyte

SWTOR players regularly purchase avatars, cosmetics, skills and equipment with Cartel Coins. SWTOR x Acolyte crossover will feature many items and they will be available once the Star Wars The Old Republic 7.5 patch update version goes live. Here’s everything you can purchase from the Cartel Market store,

  • Dark Harbinger Armor Set
  • Dark Harbinger Hood
  • Serpent’s Tongue Vibroblade
  • Wookiee Jedi inspired Hairstyle and Beard Customizations

Star Wars The Old Republic 7.5 Update

SWTOR Cartel Market
Get Ready for The Acolyte with New SWTOR Cartel Market Items 2

Desperate Defiance, the new SWTOR update has gone live. Padawan Sa’har Kateen seeks help from warriors to save Heta Kol and her brother, Ri’kan. The story will also focus on how the hero retrieves Darth Nul’s holocron, the crystal device and the Hidden Chain.  The Great Pirate Hunt will be the new PvP season for SWTOR. Missions will be available on many planets including Yavin 4, Lokath, Kessan’s Landing, Rishi and Ossus. Here are other changes to SWTOR 7.5 update,

  • Turrets that are found will no longer float above the ground level
  • The visual issue on viewing other characters with certain equipment combinations is sorted
  • Typo from the debuff applied by Whistling Birds is fixed 
  • The Rishi Cantina will no longer miss walls in the basement
  • Keyart text will now be updated to read Desperate Defiance
  • Missing doors in some buildings of the Voss are back
  • All graphical issues affecting trees on Alderaan’s snowy terrain are fixed
  • Subscribe button that overlapped text in the PVP rewards tab has been fixed
  • The description of the Eyto Etyo mounts will use the intended plural of Eyto Eytos
  • S-100 Boxxer and S-100 Turbo Boxxer mounts that were not properly viewed in the Preview Window are sorted

That’s everything you need to know about the SWTOR Cartel Market Acolyte collaboration and items. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


What’s the price of Acolyte items in SWTOR?

The price for Acolyte items in Star Wars The Old Republic is not revealed yet.

Who can Play SWTOR?

Star Wars the Old Republic is an MMORPG that’s only launch for PC. Here, players join a faction, use skills and strategies to win combat.

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