Genshin Impact Wish Simulator Explained – How does it work?


How does the Genshin Impact Wish Simulator work?

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular RPG games right now. The game has so many characters and weapons. You can choose your characters based on your play style.

Impact has launched just a year ago and it has gained massive popularity. It is based on the Gacha system. The players have to spend in-game currency to get the characters and weapons that they want. But there is a catch. You can’t just simply buy any of the characters and weapons that you want. You get a chance to roll for those characters and the chance of getting them is based purely on luck.

Home page of GI wish simulator
Genshin Impact Wish Simulator

You can save the primogems from the daily commissions and other quests to try your luck. This takes a lot of time and sometimes the rewards are not what you want. You can spend money to get more primogems and try again. This is possible only for the players who can afford to spend money. 

This prompted the free to play players to design a system that will let them know what the odds of getting their desired character and weapons are.

This is how the Genshin Impact Wish Simulator came to be. The simulator has the exact same odds and drop rates as the game. Players can see how many tries does it take to obtain a certain item. Obviously, the drops are not real and merely tell the player the maximum amount of times they have to try to get the desired drop. 

Item drops
Item drops from the Standard Wish (Wish Simulator)

Genshin Impact Wish Simulator

Just like the game, you can choose from four different types of wishes. Novice Wishes, Standard Wishes, Character Event Wishes and Weapon Event Wishes. They update the event wish based on the current event in-game. You can wish just ones or ten times together.

You can see your inventory to check the items that have been dropped. The site also calculates how much money you spent to get the desired drop. This gives you a general estimate of how much money you have to spend to get your favourite characters.

Wish Simulator Inventory
Inventory and the amount spent (Wish simulator)

The simulator is just for fun and self-satisfaction. The only way to get the drops is to grind the daily commissions and events. Or you can spend real money to get them.

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