Genshin Impact has launched a new web event to celebrate the debut of Kamisato Ayaka. You can earn rewards for giving her gifts from different shops.

The Genshin Impact 2.0 update brought some new content for the fans to enjoy. They released the new Inazuma region and some new favourite characters. Among them, Kamisato Ayaka was the most highly anticipated character. She is also the crucial character to the story of the Inazuma region.

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Genshin Impact web event Heron's Invitation - Guide to clear and get free Primogems 5

Ayaka is the eldest daughter of Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan. She is dignified, elegant, wise and strong. As the Traveller journey’s to meet her personally at the Kamisato estate, they must prepare by buying some gifts. Mihoyo has launched this as a web event rather than an in-game event. The players will have to find suitable gifts for this pure-hearted royal. 

The Heron’s Invitational

You can access the event through the in-game mail or navigate to the event website. Log in using your UID or Mihoyo account and enter the other details as required. You must be above adventure Rank 10 to participate in this event and receive the rewards. 

Event menus
Main Menu and Shop Menu (Mihoyo)

Genshin Impact Event Tasks

You have to get six gifts of the highest quality and give them to Ayaka. You can buy these gifts from four different shops.

  • Ogura Textiles & Kimonos (Clothing)
  • Shimura’s Restaurant (Food)
  • Netsuke no Gen Crafts (Masks)
  • Amenoma Smithy (Tachis)

The six different gifts have 3 different qualities which are selected by random. Select the ‘Purchase Wares’ option to buy the gift. You can reroll the quality of the items by chatting with the customers. You get a maximum of 10 chances to chat with the customers and reroll your chance of getting the best gift. If you use all of your chances and still don’t find the best gift available, then you can get the gift by waiting. The gifts are automatically reset after every two minutes. The amount of conversations you can have is also reset at 00:00 every day (server time). The attempts will not be carried over to the next day. 

You have to get the following items of these  qualities

  • Luxurious Kimono
  • Luxurious Fabric
  • Delicious Tricolour Dango
  • Delicious Tuna Sushi
  • Luxurious Mask
  • Luxurious Tachi

Each of the best gifts will have a shining background. They can be found easily by looking for this shining background.

Best gifts for Ayaka
Gifts with Shining background (Mihoyo)

Kamisato Estate

Once you have collected all the high quality gifts, you will be able to progress further. Go to the main menu. You will now have unlocked the ‘Go to Kamisato estate’ option. Select the option and you will be able to meet Kamisato Ayaka. She will thank you for your generous gifts. After that, you unlock the claim rewards option. Click on it to get your rewards.

Claim rewards page and Ayaka
Meeting with Ayaka (Mihoyo)

Heron’s Invitation Rewards

After you complete the web event, you will get the rewards in five to ten minutes via in-game mail. The rewards for the event are 40 Primogems, 3 Shivada Jade fragments and 20,000 Mora. The Shivada Jade fragments can be used for character ascension. You can claim these in the game. The mail with the rewards will expire after 30 days. Claim the rewards before they expire.

Heron’s Invitation Duration

The event will last from July 26 to August 2 (UTC +8). Rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends. Remember to claim them in time.

The Heron’s Invitation is a unique event launched by Mihoyo. The web event introduces the chibi form of Kamisato Ayaka. It is very easy to complete and you can save your Primogems to try your luck and get Ayaka in the game.

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