Not all weapons are the same. Here is our Genshin Impact Weapon Tier List to help you choose the best weapons for your character.

When it comes to weapons in Genshin Impact, rarity is frequently a good indicator of their strength. Any weapon with a 5* star rating is superior to one with a 4* star rating. And if you have other options, 3* weapons are usually not worth utilizing. That’s all there is to it. Their main stat ATK value is one of the reasons for this. The majority of skills in the game are based on your ATK stat. Higher rarity weapons simply have more ATK than lower rarity weapons.

Furthermore, a character’s base attack is determined only by the main stat ATK from weapons and the inherent ATK from character levels. Weapons and artifacts with ATK % as the primary stat or sub stat only factor in the character’s base attack. As a result, the higher the weapon’s ATK number, the more DMG you’ll earn from the percentage-based ATK boost. Here is our Genshin Impact Weapon Tier List.

Genshin Impact Weapon Tier List

Our Genshin Impact Weapons Ranking on 3 factors. They are as follows:

Base ATK and Sub Stat – Each weapon type has a different amount of ATK and a different Sub-stat. This has a significant impact on the kind of builds it can accommodate and the weapon’s potential power.

Passive Skill Or Feature – Every weapon has a passive skill that provides unique bonuses to the user. Passives play a role in a character’s effectiveness in battle, even if they come in second to the weapon’s Base ATK and Sub-stat.

Versatility Of A Weapon – Some weapons are tied to a specific build, while others can be used in many builds. Having a diverse weapon assists the squad and makes switching between character builds easier.

Genshin Impact Tier List – Swords

SSummit Shaper, Mistsplitter Reforged, Aquila Favonia, Primordial Jade Cutter
ASkyward Blade, Prototype Rancour, Blackcliff Longsword, The Black Sword
BAmenoma Kageuchi, The Flute, Lion Royal Longsword, Iron Sting, Dark Iron Sword
CSword of Descension, Fillet Blade, Harbinger of Dawn, Skyrider Sword
DCool Steel

Genshin Impact Weapon Tier List – Claymore

SSong of Broken Pines, Wolf Skyward Pride, The Unforged
APrototype Archaic, Blackcliff Slasher, Serpent Spine, Lithic Blade, Snow-Tombed Starsilver
BLuxurious Sea-Lord, Rainslasher, Royal Greatsword
CSkyrider Greatsword, Bloodtainted Greatsword, Debate Club
DThe Bell, Ferrous Shadow

Genshin Impact Weapon Tier List – Polearm

SStaff of Homa, Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
AEngulfing Lightning, Vortex Vanquisher, Skyward Spine, The Catch, Crescent Pike, Blackcliff Pole, Deathmatch, Lithic Spear, Dragonspine Spear
BDragon Royal Spear, Prototype Starglitter
CWhite Tassel
DHalberd, Black Tassel

Genshin Impact Weapon Tier List – Catalyst

SSkyward Atlas, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, The Widsith
AEverlasting Moonglow, Memory of Dust, Dodoco Tales, Eye of Perception, Solar Pearl, Blackcliff Agate
BRoyal Grimoire, Frostbearer
CMagic Guide, Emerald Orb
DTwin Nephrite
Genshin Impact Lisa Gameplay
Genshin Impact Lisa Gameplay

Genshin Impact Weapon Tier List – Bow

SThundering Pulse, Skyward Harp, Amos Rust
AMitternachts Waltz, Windblume Ode, Hamayumi, Blackcliff Warbow, The Viridescent Hunt
BPredator, Royal Bow, Prototype Crescent, Compound Bow
CRaven Bow, Sharpshooter Slingshot

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