Genshin Impact players review bomb the game on Play Store


Players are unhappy with the rewards announced by Mihoyo for the 1 year anniversary. To show their dissatisfaction, players have started to review bomb Genshin Impact on the Play Store.

There was a surprising change in the rating for Genshin Impact on the Play Store. The gacha game released exactly one year ago was rated about 4.5 on the play store. But on the day of its first anniversary, the rating dropped from 4.5 to 2 stars. The review bomb was done by the android players of Genshin Impact as they are deeply unhappy with the anniversary rewards.

genshin impact review bomb rating
Lowest rating for the game

Reason for Genshin Impact review bomb

It is traditional for a gacha game to give huge rewards to the players on the anniversary. This has been done by many other gacha games in the past. Even Mihoyo’s first gacha game, Honkai Impact 3rd had much better rewards. But on the first anniversary of Genshin Impact, Mihoyo did not give out many rewards to the loyal fan base. The only rewards for the anniversary were 10 wishes and a 10% chance to get the Blessing of the Welkin Moon. Welkin Moon is a daily login bonus that gives primogems for a month. 

Players were venting out their dissatisfaction about the rewards all over social media. But Mihoyo failed to rectify their mistake. Not only that but the developers did not even respond to all the backlash. This enraged the player base even further which led to the review bomb on the Genshin Impact Play Store page.

genshin impact review bomb reaction
Measure taken by Mihoyo

As of now, the Play Store rating has climbed up to 2.8. This might be because of how Play Store treats the reviews and only keeps the genuine ones. Google Play’s review policy forbids fake, repetitive, and misleading reviews. All the copy-pasted reviews were the first ones to be deleted. Mihoyo has also imposed some restrictions on their discord, Reddit sub, Hoyolab, and other regional social media sites.

Fans are hoping that this review bomb for Genshin Impact will attract Mihoyo’s attention and will give appropriate rewards or at least make a statement about the matter. Till now, Mihoyo has only announced the next live steam details for the upcoming Genshin Impact 2.2 patch.

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