Genshin Impact Furina Ascension Materials – Easy Farming Guide


If you want to play with Furina then you must know everything about the Genshin Impact Furina Ascension Materials in this farming guide.

Genshin Impact fans are crazy about Furina in a way that has never been seen before, and for good reason. The 4.2 Livestream revealed a wealth of information about her skills, showing that she is a skilled off-field DPS/Support hybrid who can, based on her Arkhe state, both deal damage and heal your party. Check out our full guide on the best Furina builds and the most important skills to focus on. But in this piece, we’ll get into the specifics of farming materials that are needed for Furina’s rise to power now that she’s in the game. Hello and welcome to the best Furina pre-farming guide ever.

Furina Ascension Materials
Furina Ascension Materials

Furina, the Hydro Archon

Furina, the Hydro “Archon,” holds a sword and uses the complicated math behind her and her party’s HP to do more damage to her allies. Because of this, she is more of a support or sub-DPS character than a normal DPS. One unique thing about her is that she can change her Arkhe stats between Ousia (her normal state) and Pneuma. As we briefly talked about in our Furina Builds piece, she can easily switch from a sub-DPS or support role to a healer role, making sure that your party members stay healed.

Genshin Impact Furina Ascension Materials

Let’s figure out what Genshin Impact Furina ascension materials are all about:

Hydro Tulpa’s Conquest – Water that Failed to Transcend

  • Material: Water that Failed to Transcend
  • Quantity: 46

You can get this unusual material after beating the Hydro Tulpa boss, which is a tough enemy that lurks in the game. Get your group ready for a tough fight to get this important ingredient for Furina’s rise.

Oceanid’s Bounty – Varunada Lazurite Series

  1. Varunada Lazurite Silver
    • Quantity: 1
  2. Varunada Lazurite Fragment
    • Quantity: 9
  3. Varunada Lazurite Chunk
    • Quantity: 9
  4. Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
    • Quantity: 6

These Varunada Lazurite stones, essential for Genshin Impact Furina ascension materials, can be acquired by confronting the Oceanid. Brace yourself for an aquatic adventure as you collect these precious gems to power up Furina.

Regional Harvest – Lakelight Lily

  • Material: Lakelight Lily
  • Location: Erinnyes Forest
  • Quantity: 168

Navigate the enchanting Erinnyes Forest to harvest the elusive Lakelight Lily, a regional material integral to Furina’s ascent. This botanical treasure promises to be a cornerstone in enhancing Furina’s capabilities.

Furina in genshin impact

Whopperflower’s Conquest – Nectar Collection

  1. Whopperflower Nectar
    • Quantity: 18
  2. Shimmering Nectar
    • Quantity: 30
  3. Energy Nectar
    • Quantity: 36

Engage in battles against the Whopperflowers, predominantly scattered around Liyue, to amass these nectars. Each type holds significance in Furina’s progression, making victory over these whimsical enemies imperative.

Furina Talent Level-up Materials Unveiled

All-Devouring Narwhale’s Bounty – Lightless Mass

  • Material: Lightless Mass
  • Source: All-Devouring Narwhale (Weekly Boss)
  • Quantity: 18

To get the rare Lightless Mass, you must face the new boss of the Trounce Domain, the All-Devouring Narwhale, in a difficult battle. For Furina’s skills to get better, this material is essential, so get ready for an epic weekly task.

Knowledge for Skill Mastery – Teachings of / Guide to / Philosophies of Justice

  1. Teachings of Justice
    • Quantity: 9
  2. Guide to Justice
    • Quantity: 63
  3. Philosophies of Justice
    • Quantity: 114

Master Furina’s talents with these teachings, each contributing to a specific aspect of her skill set. Acquire them through various means to ensure a well-rounded mastery of Furina’s capabilities.

Nectar Reserves – Whopperflower’s Collection

  1. Whopperflower Nectar
    • Quantity: 18
  2. Shimmering Nectar
    • Quantity: 66
  3. Energy Nectar
    • Quantity: 93

Continue your conquest against the whimsical Whopperflowers to secure the essential nectars needed for Furina’s talent development. Each type plays a crucial role, so stockpile them diligently.

Crown of Wisdom – Crown of Insight

  • Material: Crown of Insight
  • Quantity: 3

Cultivate Furina’s rise to fame and power by giving her the rare and valuable Crown of Insight. Don’t get too many of these crowns, because they’re the key to Furina’s full ability.


Finally, this complete Furina pre-farming guide gives you the information you need to take Furina’s skills to a whole new level. To get the most out of this Hydro Archon, you need to beat bosses, explore areas, and gather important materials.


What are the sources of Varunada Lazurite stones for Genshin Impact Furina Ascension Materials?

Varunada Lazurite Silver, Varunada Lazurite Fragment, Varunada Lazurite Chunk, and Varunada Lazurite Gemstone are obtained by defeating the Oceanid boss.

How many Crown of Insight materials are needed for Genshin Impact Furina Ascension Materials?

Three Crown of Insight materials are required to culminate Furina’s talent ascension.

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