Genshin Impact 2.6 banners – Should you wish for Ayaka and Mistsplitter?


Ayaka is finally getting a rerun banner during Genshin Impact 2.6 patch. So should you wish for her and her Weapon?

Kamisato Ayaka is one of the strongest Cryo characters in the game and people have been waiting for her since the beta version. She was first released in the Genshin Impact 2.0 update and since then has been a force to be reckoned with. 

Many new players missed out on her banner but now they have a chance to get her during her rerun banner. Even some old players might have missed out since Kaedehara Kazuha had just been released before her. But now that she is getting a rerun banner, should you pull her, and should you try for her 5-Star weapon? That is the question.

Kamisato Ayaka Rerun Banner

The rerun banner for Ayaka was first announced during the Genshin Impact 2.6 live stream but there was no official start date. Now Hoyoverse has finally announced the official banner date and even the Weapon Banner details.

The Rerun banner for Ayaka begins at 18:00 on April 19 and ends at 14:59 on May 10, 2022. She will be the featured character and players will have a 50 percent chance of getting her if they get a 5-star character. If they get any other 5-star character, the next 5-star character will be Kamisato Ayaka. So essentially, you might need to spend 180 wishes if you are starting from scratch and are really unlucky.

Along with Kamisato Ayaka, the three 4-star featured characters are: Sayu, Razor and Rosaria. Sayu is pretty great for exploration but offers no other benefit. Razor is an excellent Physical damage dealer but lately, with the new content, he is not really recommended. Rosaria is a great Cryo support and can be used with Kamisato Ayaka for Cryo resonance to get the Crit Rate boost.

Should you pull for Kamisato Ayaka?

Short answer: Yes! Definitely. She is an amazing Cryo DPS even with a great F2P weapon. She is really useful in dealing with all sorts of enemies. If you pair her with a Hydro character, she can freeze enemies making it easier to deal with them. 

Long Answer: It depends on your current characters. Since it is really hard to get all the characters, you will have to make your decision based on the characters you have that can support her. You should also be careful if you have Ganyu, another OP Cryo DPS character. Both have different playstyles but essentially the same role. 

You can test her after she is released and if you like her character design and playstyle, you should definitely go for her.

Should You Wish on the Genshin Impact 2.6 Weapon Banner?

The Weapon Banner will start at the same time as the Event banner. It will feature the 5-Star best-in-slot sword for Kamisato Ayaka and the 5-Star Claymore The Unforged. Along with that, the featured 4-star weapons are Favonius Codes, Favonius Lance, Favonius Sword, Favonius Warbow, and The Bell.

If you are a free-to-play player, DO NOT wish on this banner. Even though it has the best sword for Ayaka, all the other featured weapons make it an easy skip. The 5-Star Clymore The Unforged is one of the worst weapons right now. This is based on the current character pool and how the Skill Effect works during the fight.

Even the 4-star weapons are sub-par and can be obtained through all the other banners. They have Energy Recharge as the bonus effect and will generate more energy to charge your Elemental Burst. The 4-star Claymore The Bell is another one of the worst weapons in the game. 

Basically, considering the featured weapons and the odds of getting the actual weapon you want, wishing on this banner will be a waste of Primogems. You should rather save them for some other character that you like or wait for a better banner.

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