Garena Free Fire – Best Characters in the game (March 2022)


Here is our list of the best characters in Garena Free Fire. We have ranked them based on their overall stats and usability in the game.

Characters have been an important feature of Free Fire over the years. Every update usually includes a new character. Any character accessible in the game can be acquired by players. With the exception of Adam and Eve, every in-game character has a skill that helps players on the battlefield. While each of them has a special power, there are a few that stand out above the rest.

Characters, which are champions that you can choose before starting a match and who give distinct sets of unique abilities and skills to strengthen a certain area of your gameplay, are one of the most essential features that you can acquire in this game. Here is our list of the best characters in Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire Best Characters

1. DJ Alok

Because of his ‘Drop the Beat’ skill, he is the most sought-after character in the game. Drop the Beat produces a 5m aura that improves ally movement speed by 15% and heals 5 HP for 10 seconds at maximum level. Players can be pretty aggressive with this character. Alok is available for 599 diamonds in the shop for Free Fire gamers. Garena free fire redeem codes can be used to obtain diamonds.

2. Luquetta

“Luqueta is an up and coming soccer star,” says the Luqueta character’s in-game description. Hat Trick is the character’s one-of-a-kind skill. The ability raises the player’s maximum health from 8 to 35. As previously stated, the character wears a striking Soccer Star Set. Having this character in the game gives the participants a tiny advantage over the competition. The character will cost 200 diamonds to obtain, and the ‘Luqueta’s Soccer Star Bundle’ will cost 500 diamonds.

3. Kelly

Kelly is one of the game’s more classic characters. Her ability improves the sprinting speed of users by 5% at its greatest level. Kelly the Swift, an awakened version of her, also exists. Kelly is one of the most extraordinary characters available in the game. It has the ability Dash, which boosts sprinting speed by 1%. The character has eight levels, with the highest increasing the sprinting speed by 6%.

4. Jota

The daredevil and stuntman from Free Fire has joined the battlegrounds. How will the presence of parkour master Jota alter the game’s landscape? Will he anticipate to see a rise in aggressive play from players that use SMGs and Shotguns to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind ability. ‘Sustained Raids’ is a passive ability that Jota has. Players who use SMGs or Shotguns frequently like Jota. The users regain some HP after each kill with either weapon. Each kill increases your HP by 40 points at the maximum level.

Garena Free Fire Best Characters
Garena Free Fire Best Characters

5. Paloma

The ideal champion for people who prefer AR weapons, which are widely considered to be among the best in the game. SMGs and shotguns are fantastic at close ranges and can often outperform ARs in the correct circumstances, but assault rifles are better suited for a wide range of situations. In other words, ARs are frequently the greatest primary weapons, but your secondary slot should be filled with a weapon you enjoy using, such as a good Sniper Rifle. 

Paloma comes in helpful for Assault Rifle players. At maximum capacity, her 180 AR ammo takes up no inventory space. As a result, the players will be able to carry more utility items, such as medkits.

6. Rafael

Rafael is a master assassin who specialises in stealth kills, as seen by his “Dead Silent” talent. Rafael can fire his weapons at the opponent without risk of being identified on their minimaps once the skill is activated, allowing him to remain relatively hidden as long as the skill is active. As he progresses through the levels, he silences more and more shots on the minimap. It’s as if he’s had a silencer in all of his guns since the beginning of the game.

7. Clu

Clu is a modern-day private eye with her own gorgeous character set, the Modern Private Eye Set. The character has a total of six levels, and you will receive character fragments if you play with it. Clu can find foes within 30m who are not in a prone or crouching position for 5 seconds at Level 1. There is a 50-second cool-down period. When she reaches level 4, she will be able to share enemy positions with her allies. She can find enemies who are within 30 metres of her for 7 seconds at the maximum level.

8. Shimada Hayato

Hayato is a major character in Free Fire’s lengthy battles. When he is wounded, he acquires a lot of armor penetration, which can come in handy during matches. Overall, he’s a character who offers a ridiculous amount of long-lasting burst. Hayato is the choice for you if you require a character who is good in one-on-one settings.

Hayato’s Bushido skill allows him to penetrate 10 percent of his opponent’s armour for every ten percent of his HP lost, giving him a maximum of 90 percent armour penetration at 20 HP. This makes the character extremely strong in one-on-one combat, or “Duel,” which is fitting for a samurai.

9. A124

A124’s Battle Emotion is a unique ability that allows you to heal at a rapid speed. It’s far superior to traditional healing methods like eating mushrooms, utilizing med-kits, or using the Treatment Gun. It allows players to swiftly replenish their HP no matter where they are in the combat. This character has a unique Battle Emotion skill that allows her to quickly convert EP into HP during the fight. You can convert 50EP when you reach level 6, the highest level you can improve A124 to. In addition, the cooldown duration is reduced to 100 seconds.

10. Laura

Because your opponents will practically look like an ant on your phone in long-range combats, accuracy is crucial. The fight will be won by whoever can shoot most accurately. As a result, Laura is the greatest character for a sniper because her ability will greatly improve your accuracy.

‘Sharp Shooter’ is Laura’s specific survival talent. Laura’s accuracy will improve significantly as she scopes in with this skill. This is one of the reasons she is one of Free Fire’s most popular characters. Her ability is very useful for rookie and casual players who have trouble controlling their aim. This ability is also useful in long-range combat situations where accuracy is crucial.

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This was our list of the best characters in Garena Free Fire. Players can download Garena Free Fire from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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