Is Linda Greenlaw Gay? Exploring His Personal Life


Linda Greenlaw is a writer and fisherwoman featured on Discovery’s Deadliest Catch series. She lives with her daughter Mariah on Isle au Haut, an off-coast Maine island.

Linda Greenlaw was born on December 22, 1960, in the United States. She is a great author and has written a lot of books. Some of them are The Hungry Ocean, The Lobster Chronicles etc. Some of her notable awards are the U.S. Maritime Literature Award (2003) and the New England Book Award (2004). Two notable quotes from The Hungry Ocean are “Writing has proven to be hard work, often painful. I can honestly say I would rather be fishing.” and “A friend once suggested that I paint my own blue boat and name her Thirteen Whistling Pigs. I might not be as superstitious as some, but I’m not crazy.”

She has written multiple books, such as The Hungry Ocean which was a New York Times bestseller. Additionally, she and Steve Wessel co-own a lobster boat together.

ProfessionFisherwoman and Writer featured on Discovery’s Deadliest Catch series.
ResidenceLives on Isle au Haut, Maine with her daughter Mariah.
BooksAuthored “The Hungry Ocean” (New York Times bestseller), “All Fishermen Are Liars”, “The Lobster Chronicles”, and co-authored “Recipes from a Small Island”.
Fishing CareerCaptains a lobster boat on Isle au Haut, Maine. Previously spent time on sea tending nets, setting traps, and doing boat-related chores. Became the legal guardian and mother figure for her niece after an encounter with her abusive uncle.
Writing CareerWritten books with maritime themes detailing her experiences. “The Hungry Ocean” recounts a journey aboard the 100-foot vessel Hannah Boden. Balances her writing career with social work duties.
TelevisionCast member on Deadliest Catch’s latest season.
Personal LifeMarried to Steve Wessel, an ex-fisherman turned boat builder. Grew up in Connecticut and spent summers in Topsham, Maine. Worked on Walter Leeman sword-fishing boats to pay for college tuition. Became a captain on East Coast US waters. Has an adopted daughter named Sarai Johnson, referred to as Mariah in writings to protect her identity. Net worth of $5 Million.

She is a fisherwoman

Greenlaw spent her days at sea tending fishing nets, painting boat decks, and setting traps by herself – she rarely interacted with another human – until one day, an abusive uncle moved onto the tiny island with his niece whom Greenlaw welcomed into her home and eventually became both her legal guardian and mother figure for this young lady.

Greenlaw remains grounded and committed to her family despite a career on the ocean, currently living on Isle au Haut, Maine where she captains a lobster boat. Greenlaw has written three books detailing her experience at sea: THE HUNGRY OCEAN, ALL FISHERMEN ARE LIARS, and THE LOBSTER CHRONICLES which has garnered several awards including the American Library Association Alex Award and U.S. Maritime Literature Award; she co-authored the 2005 Cookbook RECIPES FROM A SMALL ISLAND; according to Celebsfact she has amassed $5 Million net worth with her candid writing style being well respected and revered by both fellow mariners and observers alike.

She is a writer

Linda Greenlaw is an award-winning author who specializes in books with maritime themes. Additionally, she is an experienced fisherwoman and captain of one of the only female swordfish boats on the East Coast of the United States. In addition to writing numerous books relating to maritime topics like The Hungry Ocean and All Fishermen Are Liars.

Inspired by many dreamers and enthusiasts alike, she wrote “The Hungry Ocean,” chronicling her journey as captain of a swordfish boat. The book recounts a month-long trip aboard Hannah Boden – a 100-foot steel-hull vessel that experienced one of the fiercest storms ever recorded – that saw it encounter some fierce waters.

Greenlaw juggles her writing career with social work duties and has adopted the niece of one of her fellow fisherman friends. She lives with her husband and daughter on Isle au Haut, an island off Maine’s coast with only 71 year-round residents; additionally, she’s become a popular reality TV star as seen on Deadliest Catch’s latest season as a new crew member.

She is married

Linda Greenlaw, an award-winning author and fisherwoman, has inspired millions with her stories of life at sea. As the first female swordfish boat captain on the East Coast of the US and appearances in several popular books and movies such as “The Perfect Storm,” Greenlaw has captured hearts worldwide with her captivating tales about life at sea. Born December 22, 1960, in Connecticut but raised in Topsham Maine during summers working aboard Walter Leeman sword-fishing boats as a cook and deckhand in order to pay for college tuition, Greenlaw worked summers aboard Walter Leeman boats as a cook/deckhand crewmembers while working paid college tuition with earnings from summer jobs aboard Walter Leeman swordfishing boats as cook/deckhand/cook/deckhand positions aboard Walter Leeman boats during summers so she could pay tuition; Greenlaw first became captain during its inaugural summers run on East Coast US waters on November 22, 1960, when she took up captain ship on August 27, 1960, as captain on August 27, 1960, after graduating high school based off Maine while she worked paid her college tuition fees by working summer jobs aboard Walter Leeman swordfishing boat where she worked summers paid – both roles being paid during that summers on itinerancy when working alongside him.

Greenlaw has established an impressive writing career and is also featured as a star cast member on the Discovery reality show Deadliest Catch, following famous fishermen as they navigate dangerous waters and weather phenomena. She is married to Steve Wessel, an ex-fisherman turned boat builder. They currently reside on Isle au Haut, Maine together where they share an idyllic island home life as well as their shared love of ocean living.

She has a daughter

Linda Greenlaw is an esteemed best-selling author who specializes in books with maritime themes. Additionally, she serves as one of the only female captains on the East Coast of the US for swordfishing expeditions. In 1999, Linda published The Hungry Ocean which chronicled a month-long swordfishing adventure – it soon went on to become an instant New York Times bestseller list hit! Additionally, The Lobster Chronicles and All Fishermen Are Liars also enjoyed success as top sellers for Linda.

This season of Deadliest Catch will introduce an entirely new face – Linda Greenlaw is America’s only female swordfishing boat captain and joins Captain Bill Wichrowski’s F/V Summer Bay crew as captain.

Greenlaw was born and raised in Connecticut before moving to Topsham, Maine where she attended Colby College to study English and government. To pay for school she worked on her father’s sword-fishing boat during summers as a source of revenue. Greenlaw has one adopted daughter named Sarai Johnson whom she calls Mariah when writing books to protect her identity.


Linda Greenlaw, America’s only female swordfishing boat captain, defies the norm by navigating both perilous waters and the literary world with grace. Juggling roles from a nurturing mother to a bestselling author, her story continues to inspire many, spotlighting resilience, determination, and love. She is not Gay.