Frasier reboot: Learn all about the cast, plot, release date, streaming details and more

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Let us explore the cast, plot, release date, streaming details, and more of Frasier reboot – an upcoming American Sitcom.

The cast of the television comedy series “Frasier” (L-R) Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon, David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane, Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane, John Mahoney as Martin Crane, Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle, Moose as Eddie are shown in this undated publicity photograph. The series finale of the Emmy winning series will be telecast May 13, 2004 on NBC in the United States. NO SALES REUTERS/NBC/Handout


Fans can’t wait for the anticipated relaunch of the adored TV series “Frasier” to bring it back. While much of the plot is still unknown, Kelsey Grammer, who plays the lead role, has hinted that it is a “third act” for his well-known character. 

As opposed to the original series, which was based in Seattle, the remake will take us to the well-known Boston streets, where the Frasier character was originally featured on the venerable television program “Cheers.” A university campus will also be woven into the story, giving it a new dimension.

Variety has given us a glimpse into what we can expect, revealing that the series will follow Frasier as he embarks on the next chapter of his life in Boston, Massachusetts. This journey promises new challenges, budding relationships, and the pursuit of old dreams. It’s a fresh start for a character we’ve all grown to love, and fans can’t wait to see what lies ahead in this eagerly awaited reboot.


The highly-anticipated “Frasier” reboot has assembled an exciting cast and creative team to breathe new life into this beloved series. With Kelsey Grammer reprising his iconic role as Frasier Crane, fans have much to look forward to.

Behind the scenes, the writing team will be led by Chris Harris, known for his work on “How I Met Your Mother,” and Joe Cristalli, who has contributed to “Life in Pieces.” Together, they aim to capture the essence of the original while infusing fresh, contemporary elements into the storyline.

Returning as the titular character, Kelsey Grammer promises to bring depth and familiarity to the beloved psychiatrist. However, some original cast members will not be joining the reboot.

David Hyde Pierce, who portrayed Frasier’s brother Niles, Jane Leeves as Daphne, and Peri Gilpin as Roz won’t be reprising their roles. The late John Mahoney, who portrayed Martin in the original series, will not be replaced, honoring his memory.

New faces will also grace the screen in this reboot. Jack Cutmore-Scott steps into the role of Freddy Crane, offering his talent honed in films like “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” “Tenet,” and the recently released “Oppenheimer.” Meanwhile, Nichola Lyndhurst takes on the character Alan Cornwall.

Lyndhurst is a celebrated star in the UK, known for his long-running role in the immensely popular sitcom “Only Fools and Horses.” Interestingly, Grammer and Lyndhurst have previously shared the stage in the London production of “Man of La Mancha.”

In the director’s chair, James Burrows, renowned for his work on numerous television pilots, helms the first two episodes. Kelsey Grammer himself takes the reins as director for the seventh episode, showcasing his multifaceted talents. Additional episode directors are yet to be announced, promising a diverse range of creative perspectives.

As the “Frasier” reboot takes shape, it’s a harmonious blend of nostalgia and fresh talent, poised to captivate both longtime fans and a new generation of viewers. 

Release date

Get ready to mark your calendars because the highly-anticipated “Frasier” reboot is just around the corner! Paramount+ has officially announced that the first two episodes of this beloved series revival will make their debut on October 12. For those who can’t wait to dive back into the world of Frasier Crane, this is a date to remember.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The 10-episode season will kick off in full swing on October 17 at 9:15 PM ET, and you can catch it on CBS. Even if you don’t have a Paramount+ subscription, you won’t have to miss out on the return of this iconic character and his adventures.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of the original series or someone eager to discover the wit and charm of Frasier for the first time, mark these dates on your calendar. Get ready for laughter, heartwarming moments, and the return of a beloved character as “Frasier” makes its triumphant comeback this October.


The journey to bring back the beloved series “Frasier” has been a rollercoaster of anticipation. It all started back in 2016 when talks of a revival first surfaced, but Kelsey Grammer, who plays the titular character, initially denied the rumors. However, by mid-to-late 2018, the idea had gained momentum, and Grammer confirmed that they were indeed exploring the possibility.

As 2019 rolled around, Grammer shared the exciting news, stating that they had formulated a plan for the “Frasier” reboot. It was initially reported that the revival would grace our screens in 2020, sparking even more enthusiasm among fans.

The big moment finally arrived in October 2022, when Paramount+ officially greenlit the reboot, granting it a 10-episode season order. With this announcement, the countdown to the return of Frasier Crane began in earnest.

The wheels of production turned, and filming for the series wrapped up in May 2023, setting the stage for what promises to be a highly-anticipated and unforgettable revival of a beloved classic. After years of speculation and planning, “Frasier” was on its way back to entertain audiences once more.

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