Hotel Del Luna (blue moon) K-drama season 2: release date, plot, and, official news

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All you need to know about Hotel Del Luna’s new season release date, the plot, and all the related details.

The plot of the series revolves around a strange hotel that no one has ever seen before tucked away right in the middle of Seoul’s bustling downtown. The structure is very old and has stood for millennia as a constant reminder that things are not always as they appear. Jang Man Wol, the Hotel Del Luna’s CEO for the last thousand years, is a greedy, dubious man who runs this enterprise.

Man Wol is forced to spend all of eternity operating this strange institution and seeing to the wants of a unique customer since she was cursed for a transgression she can no longer remember committing.

Hotel  Del Luna - Romantic Kdrama
Hotel Del Luna – Romantic Kdrama

Hotel Del Luna

Finding someone who has committed a sin greater than her own is her only chance of escaping, but after a thousand years, she is starting to lose heart. However, when Goo Chan Seong appears, things take an intriguing turn. Chan Seong was formerly the youngest assistant manager ever working for an international hotel organization. Still, due to a bargain, his father struck with Man Wol years ago, Chan Seong is now required to run the Hotel del Luna. He is an intense perfectionist and stickler for standards, but it may be precisely what this strange business and its cursed CEO need.

Hotel Del Luna season 2 release date

Unfortunately, no official announcement on the timing of Hotel Blue Moon Season 2 has been made. Even after four years have gone by, no statement has been adopted. Many admirers are eager to learn more. On the other side, Studio Dragon has kept mute. Apart from Season 2, people eagerly anticipate Hotel Del Luna’s adaptation. It has long been believed that a remake will be developed.

With SkyDance Media, Studio Dragon is negotiating a remake for the US market. Nothing is certain as of yet, however. In the remake case, there have been no new developments. We’re eager to learn anything about Season 2 of Hotel Blue Moon or, at the very least, the Hotel Del Luna in America.

The plot of Hotel Del Luna

Kim Soo-Hyun becomes the new owner of the hotel at the conclusion of the season thanks to Mago the God in many guises. Another report is that the hotel will change its name to Hotel Blue Moon. We learn about his life story and how he came to live in this haunted mansion in season 2. If it is renewed, the storylines for the future season will be his resentment and how his life will alter as a result.

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