Four Fun Facts About Esports You Might Not Know


Do you know that thousands of people attend eSports tournaments and that it’s possible to study eSports as a major at university? The continuing growth of the eSports industry is undeniable, and there are quite some interesting fun facts that may surprise you. 

ESports have been around for a long time. But in the last decade, it has risen to new heights. The popularity absolutely exploded some years back, and tournaments and communities continue to grow bigger and bigger every year. Esports, like many other online gaming and entertainment, speaks or appeals to the masses.

The phenomenon of its growth is like the rapid popularity that online casinos like have experienced over the last few years. ESports appeal to gamers and fans with the creativity, skill, and intensity that the games require and showcase during the events and tournaments that have become as regular as traditional sports. 

Here are four fun facts about eSports you may find interesting.

1. ESports has been around for more than 50 years

You may not believe that eSports have been around for more than 50 years, but it is true. The first eSports event was held in 1972. They played Spacewar! and were competing for a Rolling Stone subscription. Back then, computer games were a completely new thing. But it quickly captivated people, and eSports became a hobby for many people.

2. ESports is offered at universities

Do you know that eSports is offered at universities? The massive growth and influence of eSports have now made it a part of the curricula at some of major universities. At these universities, you can learn all about the industry in terms of business and management if you’re looking for a career in the eSports industry.

3. Thousands of people go to big arenas 

The big eSports tournaments today have thousands of spectators. You can watch eSports at both small and massive venues. The biggest ones are held at some of the largest arenas in the world. Here, it’s possible for fans to experience the world’s best players facing each other in some of the most popular games. Professional eSports players have become idols for fans all over the world.

4. ESports is a billion-dollar industry

ESports have grown and become a billion-dollar industry. In 2022, the industry was valued at $1.3 billion dollars. There is no question that this number will continue to increase as the eSports industry continues to develop and expand in the coming years. It will be one of the most interesting industries to follow going forward. 

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