With a new update coming to Fortnite we got a nasty surprise. Fortnite has removed the building mechanism from the game!

The most recent season of Fortnite, dubbed “Resistance,” has arrived, shaking up the basic game mode by removing a major distinguishing mechanic: building. Players are greeted with the message “All battle, no building” when they first start the game. While it may appear that the removal of Building is a problem or a glitch, it is not. Instead, the feature is woven into the season’s story.

As part of the Fortnite Season 2 update, all building mechanics were temporarily removed from the main game mode, changing the way the game is played for the foreseeable future, but they remain intact in the Competitive and Arena game modes. 

However, most players won’t be able to build walls or other useful buildings on the go, which means they’ll have to rely primarily on the combat mechanics and a newly added Overshield that offers additional protection and regenerates over time.

Why was the building mechanism removed from Fortnite?

The reasons provided in-game for the building’s absence are related to the lore – the game’s antagonists have taken it away as a power to thwart the Resistance. However, there’s a case to be made that this is simply a new approach for Epic Games to change up the game’s experience and test a new form of Fortnite with users. If it proves popular, we may see more no-building options in the future, or it may be reverted to its original state if players hate it.

Other changes in Fortnite

While the absence of the building mechanism is the season’s biggest change, there plenty of minor changes to help players adapt to the new gameplay. The default movement speed is now faster than it was previously, implying that the sprint speed is also faster. Players can now mantle onto high ledges that are too high for them to jump to. There’s also a new overshield that absorbs damage before the regular shields and automatically recharges. 

The entire list of changes for this season can be found on Epic’s website.

Dr Strange in Fortnite
Dr Strange in Fortnite

New characters in Fortnite

Doctor Strange and Prowler, as well as tanks and resistance fighters from the Fortnite universe, are among the new characters included in the new season. The Resistance is on a mission to restore the building mechanism to the game, thus it’s probable that the feature will return soon.

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