Why Maxi Gomez is the perfect man to replace Marko Arnautovic for West Ham

Ambidextrous, strong in the air and aggressively determined to do well, Maxi Gomez is just the player West Ham need to replace Mark Arnautovic. The 23-year-old is nearly six years younger than the Austrian forward, and thus represents a future investment for the Hammers. No matter his fee, Gomez is worth it.

The Daily Mail has revealed that Manuel Pellegrini and company are considering a bid for the Uruguayan centre-forward and it’s brought about tears of joy around the London Stadium. For years, the club have been crying out for a proper bonafide goal-scorer and while Arnautovic has filled that gap over the last few seasons, Gomez can and will potentially fill it for years to come.

His aggressiveness combined with a determination to always do well has made the Celta Vigo star a wanted man. The fact that he finished with 19 goals and five assists in his debut La Liga season adds to his value. This season, Gomez has already got 9 goals to his name and added a further five assists, which includes a brace off the bench against Real Betis days after recovering from an ankle injury.

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It’s that determination that makes him the perfect target for West Ham and while he is nothing like Arnautovic, the 23-year-old will flourish.

A 6 foot 1inch center-forward, Gomez doesn’t contribute too much when it comes to the build-up play as other centre-forwards, and yet he is as effective if not more as other centre-forwards. His aerial ability and his ambidextrousness helps him shoot and score from nearly anywhere, and with time he could become even better.

For West Ham, it’s Maxi Gomez’s aggressiveness that makes him their man to replace Marko Arnautovic, as while many forwards can score goals, few can continuously harsh and bully defenders like Diego Costa, Mark Arnautovic and even Maxi Gomez do. But the 23-year-old does have a £45 million release clause to his name, which the Hammers can easily fork over if they get their £50 million for the 29-year-old Austrian from China.

Not to mention, things could get complicated with the fact that Barcelona are also interested in the man called the next Luis Suarez, which means that any move to London will have to be a very lucrative one for Maxi Gomez.


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