Forever Skies is coming to the PS5- Playstation Gamers Embrace yourselves!!


Forever Skies is making its debut on the PS5 and this article discusses about all the hype behind this game.

The creators of the first-person, sci-fi survival adventure Forever Skies with a high-tech airship concept, Far From Home, have officially announced their cooperation with PlayStation. In addition to providing funds and development support, the collaboration will enable Forever Skies to make its full PS5 and PC premiere in 2024.

Forever Skies Overview

The most recent in-game video has been added to a new trailer. Players who are currently using the PC version in Early Access have been told by the developers that there will be no negative effects. After Early Access is over, Forever Skies will premiere on the PlayStation 5 concurrently with the full version’s release on Steam.

The game’s final version will allow for up to four players in cooperative play as well as single player.

The most recent patch, which adds over 45 quality-of-life enhancements, was just posted by the team on Steam. The game’s next big content update is scheduled for March or April of 2024. The next chapter of the story, intricate airship gardening systems, new settings, and new machinery will all be included in the update.
Starting on February 15th, Forever Skies will be 20% cheaper on Steam.

Forever Skies will launch as a console exclusive on the PlayStation 5 when it exits early access on PC later this year.

For a number of years, Far From Home, a developer, has been “secretly” collaborating with Sony on the visually captivating game Airships and Survival. The Forever Skies team has guaranteed a simultaneous launch for the PC and PS5, even though they haven’t specified a release date beyond saying it would be somewhere in 2024.

forever skies
Forever Skies Cover

Forever Skies Background

The latest in-game footage for this game is showcased in a new trailer released by the studio in conjunction with this news. Below, you may watch it for yourself.

A group of seasoned AAA and independent game developers make up Far From Home. The studio, which has an AA+ rating, combines its proficiency in high-end production with its openness to take on games with more complex themes and profound meaning.

The team, which was founded in April 2020 and is headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland, includes members who have worked on well-known films and video games, including Dead Island, The Medium, Chernobylite, Dying Light, and Dying Light 2. Forever Skies, their debut game, is presently under production and should launch on PC and platforms. The first-person survival game is set on a devastated Earth following an ecological catastrophe that wiped off civilization.

Screenshot 2024 02 16 170923
Cover Art for Forever Skies

Forever Skies Gameplay

In the game, you take on the role of a lone scientist who has returned to Earth hundreds of years after a catastrophic ecological event rendered the planet’s surface unsuitable for humans by covering it in an enormous layer of toxic dust. Players learn that the planet’s surface has altered during humanity’s absence and that the flora and wildlife have transformed into something terrible after delving into the dust.

Players will use science to build and operate various machines, analyze scanned items, reverse engineer lost technology, discover new tools, and research new ways of obtaining food and resources to increase your chances of survival while searching for viral pathogens to cure a mysterious illness threatening your family.

You will explore and retrieve the necessary supplies from the ruins people erected high in order to escape the dust as you scavenge the shattered, poisoned skies. These raw minerals can be extracted from the ruins of a civilization that, because of a bizarre anomaly, is now drifting detritus.

ss 6f4fba9febd0e206ed46ed00ad1158017ddeaaaf.1920x1080
In-game Screenshot

When is Forever Skies releasing?

Forever Skies is going to release in the year 2024 for the Playstation

Is Forever Skies a Playstation exclusive?

On paper, Forever Skies is a Playstation exclusive but the game is also available on Microsoft Windows.

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