New Maps, Boats, and Fishing Techniques in Fishing Planet Ocean Update!



What’s included in the Fishing Planet Ocean update? Is there a new map in the new season? Scroll down and find everything.

Fishing Planet is a multiplayer online first-person shooter game. The new Ocean Update has been released and players of Fishing Planet can explore all new content including a new map. Fishing Planet 5.0.0 release note is out. Right from new map to features, everything will be included in the new Fishing Planet season. Players can catch new fish species in all waterways and claim rewards.

The Ocean update also focuses on plenty of fixes and gameplay changes. Anglers have tons of tasks and you can kick start the campaign on the new Japanese ocean. Kaiji No Ri will be the new map for the Fishing Planet Ocean season. Here’s all about the Fishing Planet Ocean update, content and changes.

Fishing Planet Ocean season has begun. Kaiji No Ri from Japan is the new map and it is a huge ocean in 400 sq km. The map will also feature 18 fish species like Striped Marlin, Mahi Mahi and Bluefin Tuna. Players of Fishing Planet have to reach level 83 to unlock this map. Also, you can unlock the Kaiji No Ri map with the pond pass in the DLC.

The Ocean Water simulation will be the new feature. While anglers explore oceans, the climate and appearance of oceans will also change. You can witness the beauty of the Kaiji No Ri ocean by listening to the sounds of water, wind, storm and birds. The Sea Life Simulation system is another new feature that includes dynamic zones and players can find fish near all water areas. Blue Whales, Ponds, Dolphins and Boats will be frequently available in the environment.

Fishing Planet – Multiplayer, Yachts and More 

The Ocean update allows you to travel with 4 Anglers throughout the ocean. You can invite anglers for a party, travel together and accumulate XP. When you fish together, the rules for all anglers remain the same and you can unlock the club room xp bonus as well.

To enhance your exploration in the oceans, new Yachts are added to the game. You can spend credits and rent a boat including Scutum and Volans. Rod holders will be increased for yachts. Boats will have fish storage and this helps Anglers find fish in all layers. Morethan 500 saltwater items will be available in local and global shops. Special Buoys will be added as well. The Saltwater Tickle section can be utilized to get all saltwater items.

Fishing Planet Ocean Update – New Mechanics & Rewards

Fishing Planet Ocean update
Fishing Planet Ocean Update – Fish

The Saltwater Trolling technique helps you catch fish efficiently. You can catch all fish species in every ocean. The Spool mechanics is a great addition to Fishing Planet as you can target fish with excellent accuracy and range. Fish fighting will be challenging in the new season and the Gaff animation is added as well. The Ocean update content includes lots of missions with rewards like achievements and saltwater items.

Fishing Planet Ocean season will feature an NPC to assess all ports. The marina adminstrator will be available all the time and you can guide him as well. The NPC loves cat and you can feed food items to claim some goodies.

The Reel of Fortune system for Fishing Planet will be added for Steam. Randomness has been reduced and provides the best chance for anglers to win challenges. The final update includes new settings and start screen. Whenever you launch Fishing Planet, a 3D glimpse featuring boats, dolphins, oceans and birds will be shown. Sounds can be adjusted from the in-game settings. All bugs will be fixed and an enhanced gameplay will be provided in the Ocean season.

Is Fishing Planet Good?

Fishing Planet is a simulation and exploration game. Here, you can catch different species of fish in oceans, travel together with friends and claim rewards. The game has dynamic features for weather and the graphics will be world-class. The new Fishing Planet Ocean update is out and you can explore the new content.

Is Fishing Planet Available for Mobile?

Yes, Fishing Planet is available for Android and iOS. This is a fun exploration and first-person shooter game.

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