Square Enix had announced the pixel remaster of the fan favourite Final Fantasy franchise and here is everything we know so far about the release date, Switch and Android releases

Final Fantasy is a Japanese role-playing game franchise whose first game was released in 1987. Since then it has gained a dedicated fan following. The franchise has 15 main series games with multiple spin-offs.

The games are generally stand-alone stories each with different settings, plots and main characters. But the franchise is linked by several recurring elements, including game mechanics and recurring character names.

The main plot of each game centres on following a group of heroes as they battle a greater evil. The game also explores the characters’ internal struggles and relationships. 

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster was announced by Square Enix at the E3 event. They didn’t release many details apart from a few screenshots. The release date was also kept under wraps. The developers described the games as the ultimate 2D pixel remasters.

The games will have a rearranged soundtrack faithful to the original Final Fantasy games. They have improved the gameplay with modernized UI and auto-battle options. They have also added more surprising features like a bestiary, illustration gallery and music player

Final Fantasy 3
Screenshots of FF III (Twitter @wario64)

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Release Date

The games’ release date was kept under wraps by the developers. But the first three games of the series are available to play on android, ios and PC. The later three games will be available after the development of the sixth instalment is complete. You can buy the full bundle including Final Fantasy 1-6 on Steam.

Screenshots of FF II (Twitter @wario64)


The games will be available on android, ios and PC. There has been no official news about the games being released on the Nintendo Switch or any other console. 

The Final Fantasy video games have been critically and commercially successful. It has sold more than 159 million copies making it one of the best selling video games franchise of all time. The series is well known for its story, music and innovative gameplay. 

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