Figure Fantasy Tier List and Reroll Guide March 2022


Find out the best characters in the game using our Figure Fantasy Tier List. You can also reroll the characters if you want better ones from the start.

In Figure Fantasy, a figurine-collection game, players will spend their time building a powerful team capable of clearing content quickly. With so many units to choose from, inexperienced gamers may find it difficult to keep track of everything. Our Figure Fantasy tier list will help you figure out which units are the best and who should be on your team.

Because the Figure Fantasy tier list represents an overall rating of each character, you may not want to design a team of simply the highest-rated characters. Some units have nice synergies with others, and we’ll go over that in more detail in the section below about team building. There are five types of figures in Figure Fantasy:

  • Vanguard – Melee damage-dealers
  • Militarist – Ranged damage-dealers
  • Helper – Support units with healing capabilities
  • Defenders – Tanks for damage absorption and frontline
  • Specialist – Damage-dealing and support combination units

You need to create a team using some members from each type to build the best team possible. You can use our Figure Fantasy Tier List to find out the best characters.

Figure Fantasy Tier List

S Tier

Yuina MizukiVanguardSNOW-AUltra
Yoko KasumiVanguardNIGHT-9Ultra
Lu BuMilitaristGALATEAUltra

A Tier

HarrietSpecialistLET’S REDUltra
Ihrendts EmberSpecialistSNOW-AUltra
MeganDefenderLET’S REDUltra
RieMilitaristLET’S REDUltra
MinakamiMilitaristLET’S REDSuper
Ryoma KurataMilitaristGALATEAUltra
Zhou YuHelperGALATEAUltra
Osuke OkadaSpecialistGALATEAUltra

B Tier

OpheliaMilitaristLET’S REDUltra
Akechi MitsuhideSpecialistGALATEAUltra
Kazue IwataSpecialistLET’S REDSuper
Ume MizunoHelperGALATEAUltra
Sanada YukimuraDefenderGALATEAUltra
Zhao YunVanguardGALATEAUltra
YunaVanguardLET’S REDUltra

C Tier

SakuraHelperLET’S REDUltra
EvitaSpecialistLET’S REDSuper
SuzumiVanguardLET’S REDUltra

D Tier

GweneiraDefenderLET’S REDSuper
SakuraHelperLET’S REDUltra
RiccoDefenderLET’S REDUltra
Daylight CatDefenderSNOW-ASuper
Midnight CatVanguardNIGHT-9Super

Fantasy Figure Best Vanguard Tier List

Vanguards are melee-based units with offensive and defensive abilities. They are comparable to Fighters or any other hands-on combatant with decent defenses. They may not be as tanky as Defenders, but they can serve as a second line of defense while still packing a punch.

SSYoko Kasumi, Yuina Mizuki
SYamazaki, Alfred
ADolores, Zhao Yun, Suzumi, Yuna
BMizusaki, Midori
CMidnight Cat
DGrumpy Bear, Chainsaw Bear, Plain Milk
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Fantasy Figure Best Defender Tier List

Defenders are normal tanks with the exception that most of them have self-regeneration abilities, which makes them considerably more useful for front-line tanking. They don’t have great damage abilities, but they do have great tanking abilities, so having a Defender on your squad – especially if it’s a top-tier one – is a good idea.

SSAstaroth, Megan, Khrusos
SYamazaki, Alfred
ARicco, Vasily, Sanada Yukimura, Sapphire
BYuki (top tier in the early game), Gweneira
CDaylight Cat
DPineapple Bear
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Fantasy Figure Best Militarist Tier List

A Militarist can be consistently sent to the board if you need a powerful damage dealer. These are ranged troops that, like Archers/Mages in other games, specialize in dealing tremendous amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Because they are squishy, you must always be careful where you place them – preferably behind another tanking figure.

SSKamille, Lu Bu
SZarola, Vazorwyn
AOphelia, Rie, Ryoma Kurata, Kris, Minakami, Karan
CLemon Tea
DPunk Kid
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Fantasy Figure Best Specialist Tier List

Figure Fantasy not only has healers but also support units that may buff or debuff adversaries with crowd control effects. These are the Specialists, and they’re quite useful in certain levels in PvP. The ones that improve the team’s damage are particularly strong, putting them in the top tiers.

SSIhrendts Ember
SHarriet, Sani
AIrina, Akechi Mitsuhide, Osuke Okada, Kazue Iwata
DCoffee Milk, Mecha Chariot
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Fantasy Figure Best Helper Tier List

Finally, there are Helpers, who are the primary healers in Figure Fantasy. These units are essential at certain points in the game, and while they aren’t particularly sought after in the early stages, they are a must-have in the later stages. They can almost make a team unstoppable, so try to develop at least one powerful Helper to assist you!

SSZephyr, Eikzia
SZhou Yu
ASakura, Mako, Ume Mizuno
CNaughty Bunny, Mecha Bunny
DHip-hop kid
Best Helper Figure Fantasy tier list zephyr

Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide

Our Guide will help you reroll for your favorite characters in the game. First and foremost, you must select a Guest Account when you begin playing. Because you won’t be able to reroll an account that has already been linked, this is the most essential aspect to remember while rerolling. If you’re using the Guest account, simply follow these instructions:

  • Play the game up to Stage 1-12
  • Redeem the codes we’ve got for you
  • Perform the 10 summon that unlocks after the first chapter (after 1-12)

If you didn’t get the characters you want, you can reroll for them. Simply go to Settings > Apps > Figure Fantasy > Clear Data. You can start with a new guest account and start the process again. 

Figure Fantasy Best Free to Play Composition is Yuki, Kazue Iwata, Ume Mizuno, Karan, Alfred. You can use all sorts of team compositions with different characters. This is our recommendation for all players in the game. If you get better characters, you can use them.

You can download Figure Fantasy from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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