FIFA 22 Update makes some great Gameplay changes and improvements


EA has released the second update for FIFA 22 that has made some gameplay changes and nerfs the game’s AI. Here is everything you need to know about the update.

portugal team in game
FIFA 22 Portugal Team

The second Update for FIFA 22 was announced on October 19 and went live in FIFA 22 a few days later. It includes dozens of new changes and improvements to FUT, Career Mode, and overall gameplay. Some of the tweaks improved the in-game AI while others addressed some of the more glaring errors we’ve observed since launch. In Career Mode, we’re receiving a little more content as well, so let’s have a look at what’s new.

AI-controlled players could stretch too far while attempting to stop lobbed passes and crosses before this patch. This is a huge and welcome adjustment, as it was becoming quite irritating. Sticking with AI nerfs, CPU AI teams are now more prone to commit fouls in semi-pro and higher difficulty matches. Prior to the patch, you’d frequently discover that the CPU could easily beat up on your players with no repercussions.

The update also corrected some of the more glaring flaws that have plagued the game since its introduction. The ball being propelled into space when two players collide or referees awarding a free kick for a foul within the penalty area have both been addressed. In addition, new cutscenes for UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League draws have been added to Career Mode.

Those who play Ultimate Team’s Squad Battles will appreciate the AI adjustments. Squad Battles is a player versus CPU mode where you have a fixed number of games to complete each week in order to gain rewards. Nerfing the AI should make things a little easier.

fifa 22 trailer
screenshot from FIFA 22 trailer footage

There are numerous more changes brought about by this patch, but we’d like to highlight one that has no impact on gameplay. The patch addresses some visual stuttering that occurs after performing skill moves during matches on PC only. This is one of the improvements that I particularly like.

You can read the complete Patch Notes here

This update will be available to the PC version and the Stadia version right now. The consoles will get this one soon.

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