NBA fans were quick to react after LeBron James’ son Bryce James revealed his height during an IG live stream.

One of the greatest basketball players in NBA history is none other than four-time NBA championship winner LeBron James. He does, however, also have a lovely family outside of his time on the court. Savannah James, the wife of the 37-year-old, and the couple’s three kids. Bronny James, one of the most well-known young hoopers in the nation, is the youngest among them. Bryce James, though, James’ second son, has also been in the news a lot lately. Even at the young age of 15, he is already displaying extraordinary talent.

The real height of LeBron James’s son Bryce was revealed on Instagram Live. People are responding to what is seen in the video on Twitter and Instagram, which is already trending across all Social Media. It was published by @ibedamsel1, which is the handle of a fictional Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok account rather than a real person.

If their father has his way, he’ll try to play with at least one of Bryce and Bronny before he quits. Bryce and Bronny are both making it through high school. Naturally, the oldest son, Bronny James, will be the one to enjoy that privilege, and what a luxury that will be.

James was a unique player while he was in high school. Before he ever stepped foot inside an NBA arena, he was dubbed “The Chosen One.” That much promise existed in him. As a youngster, he was already being referred to as Michael Jordan’s successor.

Although it is far too early to determine which of Bronny and Bryce will have a more successful future career, supporters already appear to be boarding the ship. Bryce’s recent photos appears to confirm that he has experienced a growth spurt. Bryce appears enormous and very tall, maybe even taller than Bronny.

Bryce, who was just 14 years old when he was measured at 6’4″, is still growing as seen by his most recent photo. Bronny is around 6’3″ tall. Look at this image below.

The little shooter has already made some thunderous dunks that have gone popular online. Bryce’s dunk attempts and in-game videos are frequently shared by James on his social media accounts. This has aided Bryce in garnering interest at an early age. The question of whether or not it works out for him will have to wait till after that. However, the talent James’ second son has shown thus far suggests that he may have two boys playing in the league.

Fans react to LeBron James’ kid Bryce James’ height

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