The daughter of Kamaru Usman was bawling in agony watching her father get knocked out at UFC 278

As the dust of euphoria settles following the successful completion of UFC 278, the entire MMA community is still digesting the shocking ending to the main event. Leon Edwards pulled out one of the greatest comebacks in a title fight, when he knocked out Kamaru Usman at the very last minute of the fight. The video of Usman’s daughter Samirah bawling in agony watching her father get knocked out was heartbreaking.

Kamaru Usman was undefeated for nine years before he met Leon Edwards at UFC 278. The fight began with Edwards using his range to keep Usman away. He threw a strong calf kick and body shots to open his attacks. Usman realized that he needs to utilize his wrestling to disrupt the British fighter’s flow.

He quickly closed the distance and initiated a clinch. Edwards however, maintained his composure and posture forcing Usman into a clinch contest. In one of the rarest sights in a Kamaru Usman fight, Edwards established strong under-hooks that postured the Nigerian up. and used his full force to trip Usman and secure a takedown. ‘Rocky’ obtained a dominant position of full mount, and quickly took Usman’s back. He worked his way for a submission in the remainder of the round.

Realizing that he was one round down against the challenger, Usman came in to the second round stronger. He pressured his opponent with intent, and forced his wrestling onto him. He managed to wear down his opponent who seemed to have no answers for Usman’s wrestling proficiency.

The Nigerian was taking down his opponent at will and it looked like he was well on his way to a decision victory. Before the last round, Edwards’ corner encouraged him to dig deep and urged him to push the action. He pulled out a sneaky head kick weapon from deep in his arsenal, that stifled Usman and knocked him out cold. What followed was clear display of thrill and agony from both sides, and a reminder of why this is the most unpredictable sport in the world.

MMA pros and fans react to heartbreaking video of Kamaru Usman’s daughter following the main event at UFC 278

MMA experts, journalists and fighters were devastated to watch the clip of Usman’s daughter cry in pang. Here are some of the reactions below:

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