Who is Carlos Sainz’s grandfather Antonio? What happened to him?


Antonio Sainz is the father of Carlos Sainz and grandfather of Carlos Sainz Jr. – Here’s everything you need to know

F1 racer Carlos Sainz Jr. and his family are mourning the loss of Antonio Sainz – the grandfather of the Ferrari driver. Antonio is Sainz Jr’s paternal grandfather and he passed away on July 12, at the age of 97. Antonio Sainz played a significant role in his grandson’s upbringing and introduction to motorsport. It is understandably a very personal loss for Carlos Sainz Jr.

Carlos Sainz Grandfather
Carlos Sainz’s grandfather

Antonio Sainz was a rally driver himself and competed in various motorsport events, including the Dakar Rally, a grueling off-road endurance race. His passion for motorsport had a strong influence on Carlos Sainz, who followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and pursued a career in racing. Carlos Sainz has often spoken about his grandfather’s impact on his life and career, crediting him with igniting his interest in motorsport and providing guidance and support throughout his journey.

Antonio Sainz laid the foundation in motorsports for Carlos Sainz and Sainz Jr.

Antonio Sainz introduced his son Carlos Sainz (Sainz Jr’s father) to professional motorsport. Carlos Sainz Sr. had a highly successful career in motorsport, particularly in the World Rally Championship (WRC). He was often referred to as “El Matador,” made his debut in the WRC in 1987 and competed at the highest level for over two decades.

He drove for various teams during his career, including Toyota, Ford, Lancia, Subaru, and Citroën. Sainz Sr. achieved remarkable success in the sport. He won the World Rally Championship title twice, in 1990 and 1992, driving for Toyota. In addition to his championship victories, he finished as the championship runner-up on four occasions and achieved numerous rally wins and podium finishes.

Carlos Sainz with arm around his father planetF1
Who is Carlos Sainz's grandfather Antonio? What happened to him? 3

Carlos Sainz Sr.’s driving style was known for his consistency, technical skill, and ability to adapt to different conditions. He was particularly adept at driving on gravel surfaces and was considered one of the most accomplished rally drivers of his era. After retiring from professional rallying, Carlos Sainz Sr. remained involved in motorsport. He served as a mentor and advisor to his son, Carlos Sainz Jr., as he pursued his own career in racing.

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