Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham are immensely popular on social media for their activities in the WTF1 podcast

Who’s the Fastest 1 (WTF1) is a popular YouTube channel who have a huge fanbase on social media due to their special F1 podcast hosted by Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham. However, the ever-popular duo have announced that they will leave WTF1 ahead of the new season. Fans are utterly gutted and disappointed after Matt and Tom took to YouTube to officially announce their decision on the WTF1 channel.

WTF1 are set to welcome new faces on their channel to take over the reins from Matt and Tom before the 2023 F1 season begins. Matt and Tom worked together for the channel for six years and now they will be replaced by a new team of four people. Andre Harrison; founder of Motorsport101, Hannah Atkinson, Ciaran Oakes and Charley Williams are set to be the new inclusions.

Fans react to the exit of Matt and Tom from WTF1

Fans are utterly disappointed that their favourite hosts will be leaving WTF1. Let us take a look at some of the reactions on social media.

“Good luck for the future guys! I hope it was your decision and you weren’t forced out. I fear this is the end of the line for WTF1, viewership will plummet next season“, wrote a fan.

“WTF1 will never be the same. Tommy and Matt are absolutely amazing at what they do. They are the reason WTF1 is what it has become today. No one can replace Matt’s personality or energy. Good luck in your next chapter guys”, wrote another heartbroken fan.

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Good for you guys! Hope it was a lucrative payday for you both, and I look forward to seeing what’s next.When will companies learn that the personalities ARE the value of the brand, not a logo or subscriber count number? Hopefully not until your check clears”, read another comment.

“I guess this is the Top Gear moment of WTF1”, joked another fan.

Another fan commented: “I’m confused has the channel been sold or are you guys taking a backseat whilst still reaping the benefits.”

“This all feels like a F1 team made them an offer to be content creators on Friday and then said you’re gonna start Monday. Nothing announced or changed on the website, no real integration of the new guys, no word from or about Katy”, read another comment.

“Is this some kinda joke? It is unbelievable. Unless you both are now moving to work directly with F1 on their official channel, it makes absolutely no sense”, another fan commented.

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