Why has Max Verstappen boycotted interviews with Sky Sports?


Max Verstappen and Red Bull have boycotted interviews with Sky Sports – here’s everything you need to know about it

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen and team Red Bull have decided to boycott interviews with Sky Sports. Ahead of last week’s Mexican Grand Prix, Verstappen and his team announced that they will no longer conduct interviews with Sky Sports. As per reports, the decision comes as a result of Sky reporter Ted Kravitz’s controversial statements on air.

During his own show, ‘Ted’s Notebook’, Kravitz made a number of statements which didn’t go down well with Verstappen and his team. To start with, Kravitz said what a script it would have been had Hamilton beaten Verstappen at the Circuit of The Americas. He further said that Hamilton was robbed of his 8th World title, referring to Verstappen’s nail-biting championship win last season in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking on the decision to boycott Sky Sports, Verstappen said: “This whole year they have been firing and disrespectful, certainly one person in particular. At some point, I don’t accept it anymore. The atmosphere on social media is toxic. This way you only make it worse.” It is evident that Verstappen is clearly offended by comments made on Sky shows and as things stand, they have boycotted the network for an indefinite period.

Fans react to Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s decision to boycott Sky Sports

Let us take a look at few reactions from fans on Twitter regarding this incident.

“Was it wrong of Sky to have an opinion, yes as it’s their role to be unbiased and allow the viewer to make their minds up. But not sure boycotting is the answer either”, wrote a fan.

“I’m not one for the whole hating RBR & CH but this is so petty from them. Ted expressed his opinion, an opinion that a lot agree with and he’s entitled to that. Yeah they don’t agree with him but just move on and get on with your job and media duties”, wrote another fan.

“Fantastic news. I suppose they want Ted fired. @SkySportsF1 if you dont stand by your man when he has done nothing but tell the truth then you are also disgraceful”, read another tweet.

“Boo hoo. They were gifted the drivers championship last year and everyone apart from them acknowledges that”, tweeted another fan.

“Convenient way of avoiding the difficult media questions to hide it under a ‘boycott’, came another tweet.

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