In which races will Alpine use their pink livery?


The Alpine F1 team’s new A523 car will be seen donning two different liveries during the 2023 season – which races will they go pink

The Alpine F1 team has unveiled two different liveries ahead of the 2023 season for specific reasons. It will feature the pink livery of sponsor BWT for the first three races of the year – Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia before switching to the dominant blue colour scheme of the Alpine car company. Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly will have their hands on the new car later this month during the pre-season testing in Bahrain before the season gets underway in March.

BWT is an Austrian company which manufactures water treatment systems and they have been Alpine’s primary sponsor for a number of seasons now. The organisation’s primary colour is pink and that is why Alpine will be seen sporting a pink-coloured livery during the first three races of the season. BWT Alpine’s pink livery is interestingly the first time that an F1 car was seen in this colour and it certainly gives the French team a unique look in the grid.

Fans react to Alpine’s new liveries for the 2023 season

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on social media.

“That makes no sense, why waste time create two liveries when they could’ve focused on making the car better”, wrote a fan, who is evidently not impressed with the idea.

“Now they got 3 races in pink. Next year all GP in pink. In 2025, alpine will be renamed BWT”, trolled another fan.

“Yellow is far better than this pink garbage I hope they go back to the old”, read a tweet.

“I wonder how much heavier that pink car is in paint alone”, tweeted another fan.

Another fan wrote: “The all-pink honestly looks better. Especially that there’s too many black accents in the other team’s liveries now. They look too overdesigned or something.”

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