“That’s Fernando Alonso” – Twitter reacts to a 3D model depicting how God might look like


Does Fernando Alonso look like God? Formula 1 fans seem to believe so after Stanford University releases 3D model of God

F1 fans could draw a similarity between the appearance of Fernando Alonso and Stanford University’s 3D model of God. Scientists at Stanford University have reconstructed a 3D model of how God, the father of Jesus Christ might have looked. Fans on Twitter feel that there is an uncanny similarity between Alonso and the sculpture.

The pictures of the 3D model were shared on Twitter and has gone viral in no time. A large number of F1 fans on social media seem to agree that it is very similar to how Fernando Alonso looks. However, this is not the first time something like this happened. Back in 2018, Stanford University recreated Virgin Mary, which resembled the famous pop star- Lady Gaga.

Back in 2015, scientists stunned the world with a drawing of what Jesus could actually have looked like, based on what is known about his life. However, most fans are not convinced that these models are for real. Some users argued that there is no physical archaeological evidence that Jesus Christ’s father or Virgin Mary ever existed, so these pictures are certainly fake.

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Credits: Twitter

Fans react to pictures of the Fernando Alonso-looking 3D model circulating on the internet

Here’s how F1 fans reacted to the pictures on Twitter.

“That’s Fernando Alonso”, wrote a fan, one of the first ones to tweet so.

“Why does he look like fernando alonso?”, wrote another fan, echoing similar sentiments.

“Of course,el padre. Fathering the grid since 2001 and fathering the world since 0000”, tweeted another fan.

“Sooo, Mother was Lady Gaga & Father Alonso? What a win”, read another tweet.

“So Jesus is the Baby of Fernando Alfonso and Lady Gaga?”, joked another fan.

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