Sochi Autodrom flooded ahead of 2021 F1 Russian GP


The Sochi Autodrom is flooded just days before Russian GP

Latest reports out of Sochi Autodrom being flooded casts doubt over the upcoming Russian GP. It has been raining non-stop and were so heavy that part of the paddock was flooded.

This comes in as a bad news for the fans all over the world as they did not want to lose any other race day because of rain after what happened at Spa in the Belgian GP. Several pictures have also emerged out of the track that show the condition of the track.

There were also F2 and F3 races planned out for the weekend. Which also look to be in doubt as the weather does not seem to get clear anytime soon.

With the race for the Driver’s championship getting really interesting between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton the fans will hope to see some action come race day.

Will rain be a factor at Sochi for the Russian GP?

We earlier reported that this weekend can prove to be a bit tricky in terms of rain. There were chances of rain on Friday and Saturday but not on Sunday. The current conditions at Sochi have started to show other signs. The rain is currently showing no signs of slowing down and can affect the race day as well.

Formula 1 car on wet Spa circuit planetF1 1200x630 1 1
Rain is expected to hamper the F1 weekend (F1)

The exact conditions can only be confirmed come race weekend. Fans can wish for the best and hope to see some Formula One action.

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