The 4-time F1 World Champion is a role model on and off the track

Sebastian Vettel is known to speak up for what’s right. From supporting the LGBTQ Community, to speaking up against environmental pollution and most recently, condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – the German has always set the right example.

Vettel and Prater
Hannah Prater with Sebastian Vettel (F1 lead)

This week itself Vettel has revealed an Ukraine inspired helmet which included the lyrics to ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon. A wonderful gesture and the helmet is visible to the entire world during the ongoing pre-season test in Bahrain.

Vettel has demonstrated an interest in environment and social justice issues throughout his career. After the 2021 British Grand Prix, he helped to remove litter from the stands. The German has worked with children in Austria to build a hotel for bees. Vettel has been critical of how F1 races are scheduled stating that races which are geographically close to each other should be held on consecutive weekends to reduce emissions from travelling. The 4-time Champion hosted a woman karting event during the weekend of the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. He donned the ‘pride’ flag in support of LGBTQ community at the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix despite being reprimanded.

After the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Vettel had asked for the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix long before the official announcement was made. He said, “My own opinion is I should not go, I will not go. I think it’s wrong to race in that country. I’m sorry for the people, innocent people who are losing their lives, getting killed for stupid reasons under a very strange and mad leadership.” The German further added, “I woke up again after this morning’s news. I think it’s horrible to see what is happening.”

Vettel reveals ‘No War’ helmet in Bahrain test

Sebastian Vettel has replaced his regular F1 helmet with a customized ‘No War’ helmet in support of Ukraine and its people. Vettel is the director of Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) and had earlier hinted at a collective response from the F1 drivers on the Ukraine crisis. This seems to be the first display of response and along with it all drivers present wore a special ‘No War’ T-shirt using a sunflower in Ukraine’s flag colors.

helmet of sebastian vettel ast
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Vettel took to the track putting on his customised helmet with the ‘No War’ logo and featuring the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag replacing his usual German flag decal. Later in the day, other F1 drivers also took to social media to express their solidarity with Ukraine.

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