F1 Authentics gives fans the chance to bid for memorabilia by auction or shop hundreds of ready-to-buy exclusive items

A Formula 1 fan has taken to social media, claiming that he has been scammed by F1 authentics. The fan has shared pictures and details about his purchase on social media and apparently; he was sent an incomplete item for a huge amount. The fan appears to be disappointed and has sought clarification from concerned authorities besides sharing minute details of the incident with other F1 fans on social media.

From what is understood by the details shared by the fan, he ordered a rear wing of an RP19 F1 car for a winning bid of close to 1,800 pounds. However, the item that was delivered to him had missing parts, and he wrote to F1 Authentics about the issue. However, he received a cold response that he would need to ship the item, paying 500 pounds from his own pocket or he would be provided with a compensation of 50 euros. It is evidently not a fair deal for the concerned fan and he has demanded further clarification from the concerned authorities. As of now, there has been no further reply from F1 Authentics.

Is F1 Authentics a legit source of F1 memorabilia?

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F1 Authentics is the official online memorabilia store of Formula 1. Each item comes complete with a certificate of authenticity. In other words, F1 Authentics is the official authority in F1 memorabilia, offering fans of the sport a chance to own a piece of racing history.

Products available in the F1 Authentics store include used racewear, helmets, suits, and gloves, as well as products re-engineered from race-used materials, such as tables constructed from Pirelli tyres and race engines. Visitors also have the chance to purchase complete race cars.

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Most of F1 Authentic’s current inventory is composed of show cars. These are non-functioning race cars that showcase the livery they had when they were raced, on the original chassis. The engine is not included in these show cars. Mika Hakkinen’s 1999 championship-winning show car is for sale as a rolling chassis, as well as the Racing Point from 2019 among other exclusive items.

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