Photo: Did Lewis Hamilton race at Mexican Grand Prix with a cut on the side of his head?


Lewis Hamilton had a good outing at the Mexican Grand Prix, registering a commendable second place finish

Photos from the Mexican GP that have surfaced on the internet seem to show that Lewis Hamilton drove with a cut on his head at the Mexican Grand Prix. In the photos, a relatively thick cut is visible on the right side of his forehead and apparently it was there even before the race started. However, one can safely say that didn’t hamper Hamilton during the race as he registered a commendable second place finish.

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There are suggestions that Hamilton apparently got hit with a camera right before the start of the race as during the national anthem he didn’t have a cut. Some other fans argue he looked like he was in discomfort after the anthem and was seen holding the side of his head. There are no concrete reasons behind the cut yet but most sources seem to suggest that he got struck by a camera.

Lewis Hamilton is on the verge of a multi-year contract renewal with Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that he has no plans of retiring from the sport yet and is eyeing a multi-year contract with Mercedes. The seven-time World Champion’s future has been the subject of many speculations but the British star put an end to it ahead of last weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix.

Hamilton’s current contract with Mercedes will come run out at the end of next season.

Lewis hamilton turkish GP
HAMILTON Lewis gbr, Mercedes AMG F1 GP W11 Hybrid EQ Power, portrait during the Formula 1 DHL Turkish Grand Prix 2020, from November 13 to 15, 2020 on the Intercity Istanbul Park, in Tuzla, near Istanbul, Turkey FORMULE 1 : Grand Prix de Turquie – 15/11/2020 DPPI/PANORAMIC PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxFRAxITAxBEL 00120030__AV_8210

In the pre-race press conference at the Mexican GP, Hamilton confirmed he has no plans of retiring. “I think it will be a multi-year contract. There’s like this whole thing of [me] retiring that’s always lingering around and honestly, I don’t like the idea of it and I don’t feel like I’m there”, Hamilton said. He further added, “We have a lot more work to do as a team, as individuals within the team, we have a lot more to do as a sport and I want to be a part of that shifting.” Hamilton fans will certainly be relieved after this assurance from the man himself.

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