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Team Redline are a simulation racing team and Max Verstappen has represented the team in various events

F1 champion Max Verstappen has his own profile on the official website of E-sports simulation racing outfit Team Redline. Redline is a popular team in the e-sports circuit, competing in various events for more than 20 years and has won hundreds of major titles. Max Verstappen is one of the registered drivers in the team’s official squad and recently represented the team at the Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans series in January 2023.

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It is no secret that Verstappen is very fond of simulation racing and the two-time F1 Champion is often seen playing sim racing games when he is not on tour. The Red Bull driver has a world-class sim racing set-up at home. His set-up has different unique components such as a Playseat F1 Ultimate cockpit, or a Sim Engineering wheel completed by a Leo Bodnar engine and base.

There are a lot of Heusinkveld elements in his set-up including the pedals, shifter, and handbrake besides wireless helmets and a carbon fiber set. Verstappen absolutely loves to simulate race-like situations on his simulator and has carefully selected the components from the best possible manufacturers.

Max Verstappen represented Team Redline earlier this year

Verstappen represented Team Redline in the Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans in January. It is an e-sports automobile endurance event, which is played online by several well-known professional racers. The latest edition of this event had been in the news after it was red-flagged due to a server issue.

It is a coveted event in the simulation racing world and Max Verstappen was aiming to win his first title. However, the event was surrounded by a cloud of controversy due to various technical issues and Verstappen had dropped out of the event mid-way due to a server issue from the end of the hosting site.

2020 Max simracing 2 1b
Max Verstappen

During the race, Verstappen was quick to get a lead at the start of the but then dropped to second spot before the event had to be red-flagged due to a server error. The organisers then confirmed that the technical issue occurred due to a security breach. In their official statement on social media, they wrote: “Unfortunately the two servers that have been used for the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual have had a suspected security breach. We are now taking the actions necessary to increase security and will aim to restart the race as soon as possible.” The race did restart but Verstappen and other players who dropped out were not reinstated.

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