The death toll of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has crossed 15,000 with thousands lying injured – Lewis Hamilton has urged fans to help.

Lewis Hamilton has urged fans on social media to donate for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. Many places in these two countries have been reduced to ruins by a series of four consecutive earthquakes. The rescue operations are still on with several countries across the globe assisting the government and locals with humanitarian aid and search operations.

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Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram Story about the Turkey Earthquake

Hamilton took to social media to appeal to the fans to participate in this humanitarian cause. “The tragedy in Turkey, Syria and surrounding areas has already taken the lives of thousands of people. Thousands more are injured. Those numbers are expected to rise as search and rescue operations continue. Families, homes and lives have been destroyed. Posting places to donate and share for all those who wish to help”, the Mercedes driver wrote on Instagram story. He shared the donation links of ‘International Federation Red Cross (IFRC) and ‘Human Appeal’ – two organisations working on the ground so that his fans and followers can put forward their helping hand for the victims.

Lewis Hamilton is currently enjoying his off-season break

Lewis Hamilton is spending his off-season doing things that he loves, before the regular F1 season starts next month in March. He seems to be making the most of his free time. In a recent video posted by the Mercedes star on his Instagram handle, Hamilton can be seen enjoying driving a luxurious R34 GTR on the streets of Japan. Hamilton himself shared the clip on his profile with the caption: “I only like to drive on track, but I make exceptions.”

He was also found hanging out in a casino having a go at games.

Hamilton with his LaFerrari
Hamilton with his LaFerrari (Twitter)

Hamilton’s love for luxury racing cars is no secret. In the video, Hamilton can be seen enjoying a swift drive on the Shuto Expressway of Japan while performing some skilful eye-catching stunts. Hamilton also recently went on skiing with his brother Nicholas. The seven-time World Champion shared a few glimpses of their adventure on Instagram stories. Lewis was very happy to see his brother Nicholas overcome his struggles to take part in skiing activities.

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