Formula one had as many as 12 teams in 2012 but has featured only ten teams in the last few seasons

F1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali has hinted towards the possibility of having eleven teams in the F1 grid in the near future. Formula 1 has only featured ten teams in the last few seasons, with Haas’s entry in 2016 preventing the sport from dropping to just nine teams. However, the demand for an 11th team on the F1 grid has existed for several years and Domenicali has stated that he is open to having another team in the grid.

Speaking on the prospect of having eleven teams in F1, Domenicali said: “It is not a problem having one more team to have better racing. Therefore, we will see and monitor the situation. If there would be a real, credible new entry that wants to discuss with us, we are ready to discuss. But we are not in a rushed position today for that.” Domenicali has generally resisted the idea of having more than ten teams but his latest comments hint towards a possibility in the near future. The introduction of the budget cap has made F1 significantly more financially viable, and it remains to be seen if we will eventually have another team in the grid.

F1 fans react to the possibility of having an eleventh team in the grid

Fans have always wanted more teams in the F1 grid and they are understandably excited after Domenicali’s latest comments. Let us take a look at a few reactions on Twitter.

“Andretti is one of the US’s biggest and most successful racing teams, is building a massive new factory, has decades of experience, is willing to pay the entry fee, and will bring 1 or maybe even 2 American drivers, how do they not fit the conditions?”, wrote a fan.

“With 12 teams, those were some of the seasons we really saw some dark horse race winners and podiums, I think that is the number that they should be shooting for. Plus more seats for young drivers”, wrote another fan.

“I’m old school to me a grid should be 26 cars”, read another tweet.

“Andretti is litterly racing royalty and one of the biggest name. The fans that will follow him in will equal more Money for F1”, tweeted another fan.

Another fan wrote: “Certain conditions? You mean the ones andretti already meets but yet you still refuse to let them join the grid. They are also a more than credible entry.”

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