Haas F1 team has no spare chassis for the Australian Grand Prix


The F1 team will have to contest the Australian GP without any safety net as a result of Mick Schumacher’s horrific crash in Jeddah

Haas F1 team has no spare chassis for the Australian Grand Prix. Mick Schumacher suffered a horrific crash in Jeddah as a result of which, his car was massively damaged. The damaged car isn’t quite back in shape yet and there is more work to do on it. This means that Haas F1 team will have to be ‘extra careful’ when they take part in the practice and qualifying sessions in Melbourne. If either of their two remaining cars suffer any kind of damage, they would have no option but to field just one car on race day!

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Speaking on the issue, Haas principal Gunther Steiner said, “There’s no spare chassis, no safety net here, so they need to be careful. Otherwise, we will start again with one car. The chassis has been flown back yesterday. It had to come here because of custom declarations, paperwork basically. At the moment I think, it’s stuck in Singapore.”

He further explained, “It’s going back to be repaired, so hopefully will have that for Imola again, as a spare chassis. I think it’s OK. The side impact structure needs to get changed, it needs to get painted, there is small dent in it, but the chassis is repairable.

Mick Schumacher didn’t race in Jeddah as a precautionary measure but is back for Melbourne

Mick Schumacher missed the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix after suffering a horrific crash during Q2 of the qualifying session in Jeddah. Schumacher didn’t suffer any major injuries but was withdrawn by Haas F1 team from the main race as a precautionary measure. It was definitely a high-impact crash and Haas team Principal, Gunther Steiner didn’t want to take any risks although the driver was released from hospital pretty soon.

There’s too many unknowns about how he will feel in the morning and there’s nothing to be gained. The car obviously is in a state as it is and by having him out racing tomorrow could compromise our Melbourne efforts”, explained Steiner after Schumacher was released from hospital and returned home.

We are certainly excited to see Mick Schumacher back in action at Albert Park, doing what he does best!

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