Fans make fun of Charles Leclerc as ONLYFANS MODEL Elle Brooke responded “they can cry me in a Ferrari” to Piers Morgan


Fans were all over Charles Leclerc as ONLYFANS MODEL Elle Brooke responded they can cry me in a Ferrari to Piers Morgan

Things seem to be getting tougher for Charles Leclerc both on and off the track. The Ferrari man has had a pretty poor start to the season, accumulating just 42 points from seven races so far and he is not getting any respite on social media either. Leclerc got brutally trolled on Twitter by Irish airline Ryanair and fans joined in, making it worse for the Monegasque driver.

The banter began in reference to a comment made by OnlyFans model Elle Brooke on a popular Television show hosted by Piers Morgan. When asked how she would react when her future kids find out about her career as an adult content creator, Brooke replied: “They can cry in a Ferrari.”

Irish airlines Ryanair, who is known for indulging in banter with F1 teams and drivers then came up with a cheeky response on Twitter: “Like Charles Leclerc.” The hilarious tweet soon went viral as fans joined in to have fun at the expense of Ferrari and Leclerc, who are already having a woeful F1 season. Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on Twitter.

Charles Leclerc recently auctioned his helmet to help victims of the Emilia Romagna floods

Charles Leclerc is not having the best time of his career as an F1 driver but that has certainly not deterred him from helping society. He recently auctioned off the helmet that he wore during the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix. The helmet was really dear to the Ferrari man as it features a unique design paying homage to his father and mentor, Herve Leclerc but Leclerc he decided to sell it off for a noble cause. The helmet was signed by Leclerc himself and offered directly to the highest bidder of the auction along with a letter of authenticity.

Charles Leclerc

The amount earned from the sale will be used to help the affected families of the devastating Emilia Romagna floods which occurred in May. The bidding was opened on June 2 and continued till June 6. It was eventually sold for 306,000 Euros, which is a significant amount that will go a long way in helping the victims of the floods. Besides the helmet, Leclerc also auctioned off his racing suit, boot and gloves that were used during this year’s Monaco Grand Prix.

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