F1 Fantasy 2023: Picks this week for the Bahrain Grand Prix

F1 Fantasy is back for the new season and it’s time to take a closer look at the potential game changers at the Bahrain GP

We are just a week away from the start of the F1 2023 season and the official fantasy game has officially been launched for the users. Players will now be able to create their teams and their leagues ahead of the season-opening race in Bahrain on March 4. The new edition of the game comes with multiple modifications, new prizes and several changes in the playing format. Let us now take a look at the possible game-changing picks for this weekend’s Grand Prix.

F1 Fantasy 2023

Red Bull have had a great outing in the pre-season test and were clearly the best team over the three days in Bahrain. You can rely on the duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez for the season opener although that will come at a heavy cost. This means you will need some good budget picks and based on the performances during pre-season, Fernando Alonso could be a good pick.

Ferrari were also decent during their Pre-Season run and Charles Leclerc could be a good alternative if you don’t want to double up on Red Bull. Carlos Sainz, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton could turn out to be good picks there is a bit of uncertainty attached to it. When it comes to the Constructors’ slot, Red Bull should clearly be the first choice ahead of Ferrari and Mercedes while you can choose Aston Martin for your second Constructors’ slot.

What are the new changes in the latest edition of F1 fantasy?

The primary change this season is that users will get the opportunity to pick two constructors instead of just one, and five drivers – but the $100million budget will stay the same. Another new addition in the scoring system is that there will be fastest lap points for the constructors, which will be added to the points already scored by the two drivers of that team. There will be two free substitutions each week this season, with a maximum of one unused sub being able to be carried over. It’s important to remember that those carry overs do not accumulate, so there will be a maximum of three substitutions each week. Users will be penalised four points if an additional substitution is made.

There have been significant changes when it comes to Powerups and boosts. Streaks will not be a part of F1 fantasy this season, but there will be the x2 multiplier, which will now be referred to as the ‘DRS Boost’. The boosters have been increased from two to six for this season and the wildcard remains in play this year while so does the 3x points multiplier, which is now called ‘Extra DRS’.

One more introduction to this year’s game is called ‘Final Fix’, which will allow all the players to make one change to their team between qualifying and the race. Another new booster is called ‘Limitless’, and will allow you to change all your players with no cost restrictions for an entire week.

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