Valtteri Bottas is enjoying his time off before F1 action resumes next weekend at the French Grand Prix

Valtteri Bottas is spending some quality time in Monaco. The Alfa Romeo driver took to Twitter to share a picture with his favorite Ferrari car. Bottas will be heating to France this weekend for the French GP.

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Bottas is making the most of the two-weeks gap between the Austrian GP and the French GP. Bottas went back to his hometown in Monaco to spend time with his family and to do things he loves – driving his Ferrari right at the top.

Bottas has been a Monaco citizen for a long time now. Monaco is a special place for Formula 1 drivers. It’s the most glamorous place in the world and several drivers live here or even own houses here. There is a lot of privacy inside Monaco and sometimes it’s hard to find out what some of the famous F1 drivers do when they don’t race.

Valtteri Bottas
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Besides Bottas, a lot of presents and past F1 drivers currently live in Monaco. Talking of the present lot, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Alex Albon, Nico Hulkenberg, and Sergio Perez currently reside in Monaco. Well-known former F1 drivers like David Coulthard, Nico Rosberg, and Paul di Resta are also Monaco citizens.

Fans react to Valtteri Bottas’ Ferrari on Twitter

Fans seem to love Bottas’ light-blue beast. Let us look at few of the most interesting reactions.

“Cant help but envy the life of an F1 driver. That’s prob why there is only 20 of them”, wrote a fan, who seems to regret that he is not being able to drive the Ferrari.

“What I find amusing about #F1 drivers is, no matter who they drive for, they all (seem to) drive a @Ferrari road car. And why wouldn’t you? Iconic around the world. Nice colour too VB”, tweeted another fan.

Another fan had an interesting take – “You’re great man, you know how to live. Send a hug to Kimia, that works in your coffee roastery. She’s amazing”, he wrote.

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